The Fashion Police

The Fashion Police Take on Politics

In case you missed it, yes, Vogue has deemed Melania Trump out of touch for wearing a pair of stiletto heels on her walk on the tarmac to board the Texas-bound Air Force One.

But it wasn’t just the elitist, Manhattan-based fashion magazine that made a mountain out of a pair of Manolos. The first lady’s shoes, described by Vogue’s Lynn Yaeger as “better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at La Grenouille,” were met with breathless shock and condemnation from not just the usual outrage brigade led by Chelsea Handler and the like, but also by Politico, the Hollywood Reporter, and CNN. How, oh how could Melania make as egregious a faux pas as to walk in Washington, D.C., in shoes that have been an unofficial part of the first-lady uniform for the past half century?

Despite decades of feminists claiming that their movement will put an end to a culture in which women are judged based on their appearance, Minda Zetlin at Inc. angrily declared, “We live in a world of visual communication, and this is especially true of Melania Trump who has not been very vocal about much of anything during her time as a candidate’s wife and then first lady.” Slate’s Christina Cauterucci snidely added that Mrs. Trump’s shoe choice “found a way to make her visit [to Texas] about herself.” Well.

Most laughably, the New York Times fashion and style sections, which once told readers to “make Election Day a celebration of the style” of Michelle Obama, went positively apoplectic in analyzing the dire, civilization-threatening consequences of Melania’s minute on the tarmac.

The stilettos, “redolent of a certain clichéd kind of femininity,” writes the Times’ Vanessa Friedman, “are part of the identity the first lady brought to Washington — that her comfort level and ability to walk in exactly the kind of shoes that cause other women, wearing more solid shoes, to wince and crunch their toes in imaginary pain was part of her narrative and image from the start — does not obviate the fact that they have also come to represent her remove, for both good and ill.”

On its face, this line of criticism, promulgated by much of the media, reads almost like schoolyard jealousy of the first lady’s appearance, which seems to never falter. But assessed along with the ceaseless critiques that Kellyanne Conway is too “alt-blonde” and Ivanka Trump’s outfits are too “girly,” the motivations of the incessant image policing from the Left unravel and illuminate a powerful desire to strip society of any and all apolitical safe spaces.

Of course, prior to the politicization of almost everything, we didn’t need safe spaces. Women — and yes, men too — of all political, religious, and racial stripes could enjoy fashion for its aesthetic purposes, as we all could with art, music, sports, and food. Eating bánh mì opened us up to the intersection of Vietnamese and French cultures, once seen as a positive thing for cultural diversity. Now, at Oberlin, General Tso’s chicken in the cafeteria is lambasted as cultural appropriation.

With politics permeating every space that used to allow Americans of different backgrounds to empathize with each other, the culturally Marxist thought police, which is leading the charge to brand Melania’s likely 30-second shoe choice an act of “White Feminism” or toxic femininity, is also allowed to move the political-cultural goalposts at will.

Consider the contrast between the media’s treatment of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. From an aesthetic perspective, Obama was rightly celebrated for her many bold fashion choices, especially in her husband’s second term. Given the largely visual aspect of the first lady’s job, this focus on appearances makes sense. But the fawning became cultish in nature — growing from simply noting the former first lady’s fashion choices to praising the level of wokeness or subversion they represented. It was pure narrative creation of the highest form, one that has degraded our political dialogue, i.e., “This is how we got Trump.” Leftists have forgotten that Donald Trump’s rise was fueled by the Right’s disgust with these tactics. As social-justice demands radiate from sheltered college campuses housing 22-year-olds in bunk beds to NFL sidelines and New York Fashion Week, the reactionary Right will prove just as effective in using the Left’s overreach to push back in the general culture war.

Sure, Colin Kaepernick can refuse to stand for the National Anthem. The Left wants to infuse politics into sports. But in return, the stodgy old Republicans bankrolling these operations can fight back. Case in point, look to the University of Southern California and its purportedly racist mascot, a — white! — horse named Traveler. USC’s Black Student Association has generated national attention for attempting to make Traveler their next target on the grounds that Robert E. Lee’s horse was also named Traveller (but with a different spelling).

In an act of proactive retaliation, legendary sports broadcaster Brent Musburger has threatened to vote against USC’s star quarterback Sam Darnold in the Heisman Trophy race if the school dispenses with Traveler in his current form and branding. The fact that these issues are fair game now may not be a positive good, but it is inevitable. As long as the Left continues to make it so that nothing is off limits, the Right’s reaction will sink further and further with them. The hysteria over Melania’s heels is just the beginning.

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New Hip East London Venue

Burberry To Show ‘September ’17’ Collection in New Hip East London Venue

Burberry will mount a photography exhibit titled “Here We Are” during London Fashion Week next month at the brand’s new show venue in Clerkenwell. The label will stage a runway show on Sept. 16 at 7 p.m.

“When we started thinking about curating ‘Here We Are,’ I knew I wanted it to celebrate a certain strand of British photography that I have always loved,” said Christopher Bailey, president and chief creative officer at Burberry. “One which documents the many and varied tribes and clans and classes that make up this island of ours. It has been an extraordinary privilege to gather together this collection of photographs that have influenced me so much over the years. They provide a portrait of British life, in all its nuances — both exceptional and mundane, beautiful and harsh. It’s the spirit of those photographs — sometimes ironic, sometimes tender, always truthful — that has guided our September collection. Together they will form an exhibition in our new show space, celebrating a very British way of life and way of dressing.”

The exhibition will delve into “the British way of life and character,” showcase work from over 30 photographers and take over three floors of the Old Sessions House. An 18th-century Grade II listed building, the venue opened in 1782 and was used as the Middlesex Sessions House, operating as a courthouse at the time. The space will also host programs and events, such as a pop-up version of Thomas’s (Burberry’s café) and a Claire de Rouen bookshop.

The exhibit — which will feature over 200 photos — was curated by Bailey, writer, curator and director of Claire de Rouen, Lucy Kumara Moore, and photographer Alasdair McLellan. The display will be organized into different themes taking cues from British lifestyle, and will include works by Dafydd Jones, Janette Beckman, Bill Brandt, Brian Griffin, Shirley Baker, Jane Brown, Karen Knorr, Martin Parr, Charlie Phillips, Jo Spence, Ken Russell and Andy Sewell.

Highlights will include portraits of British businessmen by Griffin, photographs of Belgravia in 1979 by Knorr, images of Notting Hill’s community by Phillips and photos by Baker and Russell, as well as 70 images by McLellan. The brand will also be working with McLellan on a series of portraits, which will be released in due course on Burberry’s social media platforms.

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Throw on a Tracksuit

Throw on a Tracksuit Like Bella Hadid and Isabelle Daza

People in tracksuits seem to be taking over my Instagram feed lately. From bloggers to models, everyone is turning to these items for a loungey look. Just like other ’90s trends, people can’t get enough of this then staple piece. Isabelle Daza wore a white set while waiting for her flight at the airport. Bella Hadid went for a bright blue set made of corduroy material.

Sportswear brands like Adidas and Nike would be your go-to for these pieces but designer labels are releasing their own versions as well. They put their own spin on the activewear pieces by adding details like beads and embroidery. Whether you like the traditional look or want something different, here are some you can shop now.

Adidas Firebird Track Jacket and Pants

Adidas is known for their tracksuits, aside from their shoes of course. Now that these sets are becoming popular again, they have been releasing even more designs. Including this deep red one that has a more fitted pant and ribbed cuffs and hem. Available online.

Gucci Crystal Embroidered Jersey Sweatshirt and Technical Jersey Jogging Pant

Even designer brands like Gucci are following this trend with their new activewear line. This set in particular comes in a bright orange color and has a loose fit. It has blur crystals down the arms and legs as well as bold stripes. The jersey material is a throwback to retro tracksuits.

Off-White Embroidered Patch Tracksuit

This simple black tracksuit set from Off-White has some standout details. The pants have a slight flare at the bottom and zipper details too. The jacket, on the other hand, has an embroidered design featuring a bird and the word “WOMAN.”

Puma Classics Structured Archive T7 Track Jacket and Pants

This crisp white set from Puma has a more structured silhouette. It has a ribbed neckline, cuffs, and waistband. The jacket also features a bomber collar. The pants have an adjustable waistband an internal drawstring so you can adjust to your size.

Chinti and Parker Wool and Cashmere-Blend Hooded Sweater and Track Pants

If your style is more on the feminine side, this set from Chinti and Parker was made for you. It is a wool and cashmere bland that is predominantly a gray color. It has pops of pink and orange on the jacket and pant cuffs. The fit of the track pants is also more fitted, making it look more put together.

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Chinese Trademark Case

New Balance Handed $1.5 Million Landmark Win in Chinese Trademark Case

In what is being described as a landmark ruling coming out of China, a Suzhou court has ordered three Chinese shoemakers to pay more than 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) in damages to New Balance for infringing the U.S. sportswear company's slanted “NB” trademark. The amount of compensation, “though small by international standards, is, according to lawyers, one of the highest to be awarded to foreign companies in trademark disputes in China,” says Reuters.

The Boston-based footwear company’s win is maybe most striking, though, if we consider the outcome of at least one of its relatively recent efforts to fight fakes in China.

In April 2015, Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s Court in China’s Guangdong Province fined a Chinese subsidiary of New Balance roughly $16 million. In that suit – which was initiated by New Balance after it discovered that Zhou Yuelun, a Chinese individual, was allegedly making use of its federally registered trademarks without its authorization – the court held that, actually, New Balance was the one in the wrong.

In addition to the $16 million damages award, the Court ordered the Chinese affiliate of New Balance to stop using the “Xin Bai Lun” trademark (“Bai Lan” is a phonetic version of “Balance") - which Mr. Yuelun had registered with the Chinese trademark office - to market its products in China and required New Balance to publicly apologize to Yuelun for infringing his trademark.

As for how that case came about, it is pretty straightforward. Mr. Yuelun filed to register the New Balance translation trademark in China – knowing its value/significance in the West – before New Balance did, seeking to either sell goods under that name and profit handsomely or to essentially hold the trademark ransom and demand an exorbitant fee from New Balance in order to recover it. This move - called trademark squatting - is a well-established business amongst native entities in China. (Just ask Phillip Lim, for instance, which was forced to rebrand in China because it was unable to use its name for this exact reason).

Given the way the Chinese trademark system works, that was not an entirely surprising case. China observes a first-to-file system for trademark registrations. As such, the first party to file an application for a trademark is given priority. This contrasts with the system in the U.S., where it is not registration, but actual use of trademark that creates rights and priority over others. (Do note: In theory, China’s “bad faith” trademark filing rules should have made this an easier case for New Balance to win, but alas).

While the $16 million damages amount that New Balance was ordered to pay was later reduced to $700,000, the case still presented a striking outcome, as it speaks to the Chinese attitude towards intellectual property, in general, and the complexity that comes with brands' fights against counterfeits, especially by non-native Chinese parties.

New Balance’s recent win sets a preferable stage not only for the company – which entered the Chinese market in 2003 and has more than 2,000 stores in the country – but for others seeking to police unauthorized uses of their valuable IP rights in China. "Although this sort of decision is still rare, it sends a strong and powerful message that should make it easier for foreign brands doing business here," Carol Wang, a lawyer at Lusheng Law Firm, which represented New Balance, said in a statement.

Similarly, Angela Shi, brand protection manager of New Balance, told Reuters, "The winning of this case has given us confidence to continue our proactive brand protection strategy in China.”

Still yet, New Balance’s senior counsel for intellectual property, Daniel McKinnon, told the New York Times that “if the China marketplace can be thought of as a schoolyard, New Balance wants to make it abundantly clear we are the wrong kid to pick on.”

The preferable ruling for New Balance comes – very conveniently – just ten days after U.S. President Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum authorizing an investigation into China's alleged “theft” of American intellectual property. According to the memo, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is being tasked with determining whether or not to investigate any potential trade practices by China “that force U.S. companies operating in China to turn over intellectual property.”

While a spokesman for China's Ministry of Commerce told reporters in Beijing earlier this month that China puts a strong emphasis on intellectual property rights, China has repeatedly come under fire for its unwillingness to respect U.S. IP. China was, of course, singled out on the Office of the United States Trade Representative’s 2017 “Special 301” Report in May, and also in a report compiled by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and Europol, on the state of intellectual property infringements.

Chinese Ministry members have publicly decried such reports, saying that they are "lacking in objective standards and fairness" and are "irresponsible."

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the Perfect Pedicure

How to Nail the Perfect Pedicure

Parisian department store Printemps recently opened a three-story beauty emporium complete with a chic nail bar from Gloss’Up.

The salon’s founder, Olivia Keusters, has her flagship store in Paris’ Marais district and regularly works with brands such as Dior.

Here are her top tips for a failsafe at-home pedi — plus, how to nail your color like a true Parisian.

Buff up and push down your cuticles.

Hydrate your nails with oil.

Remove leftover oil with acetone or the polish won’t stay put.

Always use a base and a topcoat in addition to your color. Try CND’s Vinylux.

Ensure you cover the nail rim with all the coats. That’s the secret to the professional salon effect.

The most popular shades for haute Parisians are nude and “le vrai rouge” (a true red).

Don’t match your mani to your pedi; it looks old-fashioned and can be really aging. Clash or color-block instead — just as you would your clothes.

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Clear-Heeled Sandals

Chrissy Teigen Dressed Up Sweats With On-Trend Clear-Heeled Sandals

Chrissy Teigen is the star of an Intermix leisurewear campaign, but she knows how to put a cool spin on athleisurewear pieces with her footwear.

Teigen stepped out to an Aug. 11 Intermix event clad in a gray sweatshirt and black sweatpants from Intermix’s 16-piece A.L.C. On Duty capsule collection. But while her outfit was casual, the model dressed up her look with black sandals, complete with an on-trend see-through heel.

Teigen’s sandals featured a see-through heel, and other celebrities have opted for different takes on the clear-shoe trend. Brie Larson has worn black Christian Louboutin sandals with PVC detailing at a slew of red carpet appearances, while Kim Kardashian West loves to wear entirely see-through mules from husband Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, which add length to a shorter frame.

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the UK

Lush’s bath bomb subscription service is rumoured to be launching in the UK

Rumours are rife that Lush’s bath bomb subscription service, which has been a runaway success in the US, will be hitting British shores this year. The bathing essential has become a bestselling product for the cult brand and there are 26 different flavours and scents to choose from.

The subscription service, should it launch in the UK, will mean that you can order your favourite items, including the soap bars and body butters, at the click of a button. You can choose how frequently you want to receive your Lush offerings and if you have a change of heart, you can deactivate your service within 24 hours too.

While Lush is yet to confirm whether there is any truth to the speculation, what is absolutely for certain is that should it launch in the UK, it’ll shake up the beauty subscription industry.

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the Shoe Industry

Buzzy Sandal Designer Claudia Aragon Talks About Succeeding in the Shoe Industry


BASE: California

MADE IN: Southern Italy

YOUR SHOES IN THREE WORDS: “Whimsical, colorful, well-made.”

CREATIVE PROCESS: “My best ideas come to me 4-8 a.m. with coffee and a laptop. It’s very much a one-woman shoe show. Designing, selling, managing production, marketing, etc., all falls in my lap.”

SHOP TALK: Revolve, Shopbop, ShopBazaar, Madison Los Angeles.

BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT: “From 2014 to 2015, when I was able to increase wholesale by 600 percent. Having return customers from all over the world who reach out season after season to order more. When these women say, ‘I literally wear your sandals every day,’ they have no idea how happy that makes me.”

WISE WORDS: “The lessons never end. Once you overcome one obstacle, you are greeted by yet another and then another, and each is a harder test of your will than the previous.”

MENTORS: “My grandfather, who passed in 2009, was a one-of-a-kind man and entrepreneur. Imagining how amused and proud he would be of my sandal plight keeps me going in my darker hours.”

WHAT’S NEXT: “Businesswise? To expand Cornetti’s distribution to retailers all over the world. Personally? To own a boat. Just a smallish sailboat would do.”

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Wedding Beauty Routines

We're working our way through skincare regimens from all around the world. Among the likes of Parisian and Japanese beauty regimens comes a hard hitter in Korean skincare—and the more we learn, the more obsessed we get.

Korean beauty focuses on creating gorgeous skin from the inside out so that your natural beauty peeks through your makeup as a glowing base, rather than having it covered up. The average skincare routine is approximately—are you ready?—nine whomping steps. We repeat, NINE. We won't lie—it's a commitment, but one that'll pay off when it comes to looking as fresh-faced as possible for your wedding.

We chatted with Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily, to get the details of each recommended step.

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1) Double Cleanse

Oil is actually the best ingredient for removing impurities like makeup and sebum. Yoon says to wipe with an oil cleanser first, then follow with a mild water-based product. (Skip the oil-based cleanser in the a.m.) Try Kopari Coconut Cleansing Oil ($32; koparibeauty.com) and Simple Foaming Cleanser.

2) Exfoliate Sparingly

Coarse exfoliating beads can make skin susceptible to irritation, so Yoon recommends using gentle, natural exfoliants once a week (or twice, if your skin is oily). Try Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator ($16; provinceapothecary .com), which contains soothing lavender and oatmeal.

3) Tone

“A toner balances your skin’s pH,” which is essential for a flake-free, oil-free complexion, Yoon says. For oily skin, find one with pore-refining witch hazel, like Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner ($55; net-a-porter.com). For sensitive skin, she suggests using a cotton ball to pat on Be the Skin Power Nutrition Toner ($29; peachandlily.com).

4) Apply Essence

Essence might look like water, but Yoon says it’s considered the foundation of the Korean beauty regimen. This hydrating solution preps skin to allow serums and creams to absorb properly. “Hydrated skin expands, easily grabbing onto moisture,” she says. Try Erborian Eau Ginseng.

5) Brighten

The Korean regimen often uses neroli oil to fade spots and oxygen serums to boost radiance. “Oxygen speeds up cell renewal and makes skin glow,” Yoon says. Use Odacité Ma+N Elasticity Booster ($42; shen-beauty .com) and Omorovicza Oxygen Booster ($155; sephora.com), which is pricey but lasts a long time.

6) Try a Mask

Sheet masks are made from fabrics drenched with active ingredients. In Korea, a bride might wear one every night the month before her wedding. Use Dr. Jart+ Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Masks ($7.50; sephora.com) and Leaders Insolution Mediu Amino Pore-Tight Masks($3; peachandlily.com) to help prevent blemishes.

7) Moisturize

“We Korean women know it’s difficult to keep skin hydrated from the inside,” Yoon says, which is why she’s obsessed with lanolin, an oil derived from sheep’s wool. It’s similar to human sebum, so it absorbs easily into all skin types with no residue. Her favorite is Kicho Sheep Oil Cream ($58; peachandlily.com).

8) Add Eye Cream

To prevent dark circles, dab on an antioxidant- infused undereye product with your ring finger. (It’s the weakest finger, so it won’t tug on this delicate skin.) Go for Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream ($31; sephora.com); its main ingredient is ginseng, a Korean superfood with skin-brightening benefits.

9) Protect

Korean women never skimp on sunscreen, Yoon says, and she suggests using those with physical UV sunscreens, like zinc oxide, and chemical sunscreens, like octinoxate. (Physical ones deflect UV rays; chemical ones absorb the damaging rays.) Try Glytone Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 40 ($38; dermstore.com).

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Wedding photographer

Ah the delight that is the guest list - the gift that keeps on giving... headache, after headache. From those who casually ‘forgot’ to RSVP to the dreaded issue of who gets a plus one and who well, doesn’t. The opportunities to cause upset are endless, but if done correctly, there are ways to quash any potential drama.

As an attendee of a number of weddings myself, I have seen my fair share of ‘plus-one’ debacles plague the bride and groom. Here are some general rules I’ve learnt on how to approach the allocation process and, fingers crossed, keep everyone happy whilst staying true to yourselves.

Remember whose wedding it actually is

Funnily enough, this big old shindig you’re organising to celebrate your love as a couple is actually YOUR special day. But this can be easily forgotten when you have people sticking their oar in trying to convince you of who to invite. So my rule numero uno is to remember who and what this rather momentous day is about, and most importantly stick to your gut. The more people you ask for advice, the more confusing and frustrating it can become. Compile and edit the guest list as a couple and potentially ask someone like your maid of honour or your mum for a touch of insight. That’s it. No other views needed.

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Finally, if you really don’t want to invite someone then - within reason - you shouldn’t have to. I’m all for wedding etiquette as a general guideline but at the end of the day, nothing is gospel and if it’s going to upset you having that individual there, then don’t invite them.

Be consistent

I can’t emphasise how important this is, as inconsistency is when people can start to get annoyed. For example, if you’ve told one friend you’re not allowing plus-ones and then your mutual pal turns up with their other half, this will start irritating folk. So decide the rules for various friendship groups and stick to them. Don’t forget people talk and friends and their uninvited other halves will likely start to take things personal, especially if it’s one rule for one and one rule for another.

Consider the overall size of your wedding

This is a quick determiner of whether you’ll be able to offer plus ones or not. If you’re going for a small and intimate wedding, you’ll probably be wanting to limit it to purely people you know well. In this case treat each guest individually and if they happen to be great friends of yours and coupled too, then so be it. Similarly if you’re limited on budget, this may be another reason to restrict plus-ones - most people should be able to understand this, although you may be surprised.

Go all or nothing

It’s often a suggestion that if you can’t invite plus ones to the ceremony and wedding breakfast then invite them to the party, but I actually disagree with this approach. I think it should be all or nothing, as it can make other halves actually feel quite uncomfortable having to turn up separately after the main event. Plus it can have a tendency to scream “I’m a reluctant invite” a little bit, so think wisely before creating an evening-only list. It can also change the dynamic of the party.

Look at each case individually

There is no hard and fast rule for who should be allocated a plus-one, so treat each case individually. Obviously there will be groups such as work colleagues where you can decide one rule for all, but it’s likely you’ll have different situations that will crop up with their own minutiae. As individuals, we are lucky enough to collect various friends throughout the different stages of our lives, from primary school to work, so it’s highly possible you’ll have guests who will be attending alone and not as part of a group. In this case, you may consider giving them a plus one so you know they’ll feel at ease attending.

Consider the length of time they’ve been together

Although some guests don’t like to hear this, the couples who have been together for a long time, be that married, engaged or cohabiting should definitely be considered for a plus-one. The risk you run when allowing anyone and everyone to bring someone - especially if they’ve only been dating a few months - is that you end up with a bunch of people you don’t know at your wedding, and likely in your wedding photographs too. If you’re a more the merrier sort of person, then by all means go to town. But if you’re into the more intimate and carefully considered vibe, then treat your plus one allocation as a well considered process too.

weddingplanner.co.uk is an online platform helping couples save time and stress when planning their weddings. With intelligent, digital planning tools, smart supplier recommendations and daily tips and inspiration.

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wedding vows

Hannah Elizabeth South of Hartselle and David Owen Kennum of Toney were married on April 1, 2017 at 2 p.m. at East Highland Baptist Church in Hartselle. The bride was given in marriage by her father, Don South.

The bride is the daughter of Don and Jackie South of Hartselle.

The groom is David Owen Keenum of Toney. He is the son of Tim and Lisa Keenum of Toney and the grandson of Betty and the late Jimmy Keenum of Danville and Tom and Jewel Owen of Speake.

Images: lace wedding dress

The wedding was April 1, 2017 at 2 p.m. at East Highland Baptist Church in Hartselle. The minister was the groom’s father, Tim Keenum.

Serving as maid of honor was sister-in-law of the bride, Erin South of Birmingham. The bridal attendants were Bonnie Pike Pearce, Alicia Gray and Rachel Stockman, all of Hartselle.

Serving as best man was brother of the groom, Jonathan Keenum of Trinity. The groomsmen were Matthew Smith, Caleb Cottles and Drew Stockman, all of Ardmore.

Music was provided by pianist, Wanda McAbee; soloists, Leah Sapp and Steve Owen and Wade Oliver, guitarist.

The reception was at the East Highland Baptist Church fellowship hall.

The wedding director was Monica Blythe. Floral Designer and Catering done by Cindi Whitaker and Angela Johnson of Lillie Belle Wedding and Event Planning assisted with the reception. The book attendants were Caroline Wilson and Bailey Vinning. The rehearsal party was hosted by the groom’s parents at J.W Steakhouse in Priceville on March 31. The bridal luncheon was at the home of Carol and Junior Hill and was hosted by Carol Hill, Melanie and Julianna Pike and Bonnie Pike Pearce.

The honeymoon was a trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. and the couple will reside in Athens.

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wedding vows

Hannah Elizabeth South of Hartselle and David Owen Kennum of Toney were married on April 1, 2017 at 2 p.m. at East Highland Baptist Church in Hartselle. The bride was given in marriage by her father, Don South.

The bride is the daughter of Don and Jackie South of Hartselle.

The groom is David Owen Keenum of Toney. He is the son of Tim and Lisa Keenum of Toney and the grandson of Betty and the late Jimmy Keenum of Danville and Tom and Jewel Owen of Speake.

Images: lace wedding dress

The wedding was April 1, 2017 at 2 p.m. at East Highland Baptist Church in Hartselle. The minister was the groom’s father, Tim Keenum.

Serving as maid of honor was sister-in-law of the bride, Erin South of Birmingham. The bridal attendants were Bonnie Pike Pearce, Alicia Gray and Rachel Stockman, all of Hartselle.

Serving as best man was brother of the groom, Jonathan Keenum of Trinity. The groomsmen were Matthew Smith, Caleb Cottles and Drew Stockman, all of Ardmore.

Music was provided by pianist, Wanda McAbee; soloists, Leah Sapp and Steve Owen and Wade Oliver, guitarist.

The reception was at the East Highland Baptist Church fellowship hall.

The wedding director was Monica Blythe. Floral Designer and Catering done by Cindi Whitaker and Angela Johnson of Lillie Belle Wedding and Event Planning assisted with the reception. The book attendants were Caroline Wilson and Bailey Vinning. The rehearsal party was hosted by the groom’s parents at J.W Steakhouse in Priceville on March 31. The bridal luncheon was at the home of Carol and Junior Hill and was hosted by Carol Hill, Melanie and Julianna Pike and Bonnie Pike Pearce.

The honeymoon was a trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. and the couple will reside in Athens.

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Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood beauties like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Genelia D’Souza, Vidya Balan, Bipasha Basu and Raveena Tandon remain close to our heart. The actresses not just impress fans with their acting skills but also with their sartorial choices. Do you know what they wore on their wedding, the colour and designer?

Whether it’s a wedding or a mehndi ceremony, actress look adorable in the designer dresses. Here we look at some actress and their wedding dresses. We are sure their style will blow you away.

Images: tea length wedding dresses

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Ashwarya looked beautiful in red and golden saree during her wedding.

Genelia D’Souza

Riteish Deshmukh is a Maharashtrian Hindu, while Genelia D’souza is a Mangalorean Catholic. The wedding happened in tradition Maharashtrian way. Genelia look adorable in a red lehenga, heavy jewellery and green bangles.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan was seen in a very simple avatar at her wedding. She wore a red saree with simple jewellery. The wedding ceremony was a hush hush affair, but later in front of the media, the couple posed for cameras. She looked adorable in yellow saree at her mehndi ceremony.

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s marriage was done in Bengali style. Bipasha looked beautiful in red lehenga. Even during her sangeet, Bipasha wore a baby pink lehenga.

Raveena Tandon

Raveena wore a maroon velvet gota-patti lehenga with a heavy jewellery, chuda and mangtika for her big day.

Esha Deol

Esha Deol was looking like the perfect south Indian bride. She wore a red and golden lehenga with white and red chuda.

Kareena Kapoor

During her wedding with Saif Ali Khan, Kareena designed a beautiful lehenga from Manish Malhotra. But to family tradition she has wore mother in laws, dress and jewellery on the special day.

Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor broke the stereotype as she rocked in bright pink.

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta married Gene Goodenough in a hush-hush ceremony. In attendance of close friends and families, she wore a red lehenga at her wedding.

Mira Rajput

Mira Rajput looked like a Rajputani at her wedding with Shahid Kapoor. She also broke the stereotype of red colour and wore a light pink lehenga.

Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan chose a bright colour. She wore a cream colour lehenga with orange dupatta. Soha is from Pataudi families and at her wedding she looked royal.


Kajol was seen in a traditional Maharashtrian look, wore a navvari green saree paired with a nath and gajra.

Dia Mirza

‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main’ fame actress Dia Mirza exuded beauty in green and cream colour lehenga with gold jewellery.

Urmila Matondkar

Urmila Matondkar wore a red Manish Malhotra lehenga and an ivory lehenga at the reception.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa looked like a perfect Southern bride in a red embroidered sari with kundan jewellery at her wedding.

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A multi-million wedding

- Jared Otieno, remembered by many Kenyans as the man who took over Meru when going to pay dowry, pleaded not guilty to KSh 22.7 million fraud charges in on Wednesday - Otieno was being accused of obtaining money by false pretense contrary to section 313 of the penal code - The man had become widely known after bought a Porsche for KSh 18 million, paid a bride price of KSh 15 million and later held a lavish wedding in Nairobi Controversial business man Jared Otieno on Wednesday June 22 pleaded not guilty to KSh 22.7 million fraud charges when he was arraigned before Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku. Many Kenyans were introduced to Otieno after he invaded Meru with cars and wads of cash while paying dowry for his wife- Kendi Mwiti. The two later did a wedding that ruled the headlines for weeks. Otieno was arraigned on the charge of obtaining money by false pretense contrary to section 313 of the penal code.

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Court documents seen by TUKO.co.ke have revealed the specifics frauds that Otieno is being charged with.

According to the documents, the flamboyant man was using fake names when swindling his victims. The first court document read: “Jared Kiasa Otieno alias Jared Otieno alias Jared Smith Otieno alias Richard Otieno alias Jared Smith Mackenzie Otieno on diverse dates between 2nd day of June, 2017 and 13th day of June, 2017 in Nairobi City County, with intent of fraud from Muhammad Imad Mokdad, a sum of 45, 000 Euros (Ksh5.2 million) by falsely pretending that you were in a position to ship 50kgs of gold from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi to Beirut City in the Republic of Lebanon, a fact you knew to be false.”

The second one read: “Jared Kiasa Otieno alias Jared Otieno alias Jared Smith Otieno alias Richard Otieno alias Jared Smith Mackenzie Otieno on diverse dates between 4th day of October, 2015 and 31st day of October, 2016 in Nairobi City County, with intent to defraud, jointly with others not before the court, you obtained from Mustaq Hafeji, a sum of 169, 000 US Dollars (Ksh17.5million) by falsely pretending that you were in a position to ship 50kgs of gold from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi to Kuwait International Airport and in the Republic of Kuwait, a fact you knew to be false.”

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Anchor Chooses Dress Carefully

These are the days of Trolling and Bullying on social media. Politicians get trolled for their remarks and comments, actors get trolled for their choice of script and actresses are being trolled for they type of dress they wear at events.

Ind-Pak Match: Anchor Chooses Dress Carefully

Images: plus size wedding dresses

Recently after the way some people trolled Priyanka Chopra quite derogatorily for her short skirt while meeting PM Narendra Modi, Deepika Padukone too face the embarrassment for her Maxim magazine photo shoot. And then, we have anchor Mayanti Langer abused by trollers for wearing a thigh-revealing folded designer dress while anchoring the India-Pakistan league match in the Champions Trophy.

Though this hottest anchor in the cricketing circuits has chosen not to respond to such worst social media attacks, she made sure that her appearance will not create any such unwanted attention and criticism. For Sunday's Ind-Pak final match in the Champions Trophy, she has come out with a soft looking white outfit, which looked very well on her and this time without any glamorous show.

Mayanti might have taken a safe route to present herself but her terrific talkativeness with huge insight on cricket and emotions doesn't need glamour support. Still, people must first learn to respect her choice even if she turns up in a hotter outfit.

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Wedding day dream

A perfect wedding day dream has come true for a terminally ill mum of three – thanks to friends and neighbours.

They raised nearly £2,000 to make sure Vickie Bone, from Castle Donington, could marry her partner of four years, Ian Plimmer.

The 35-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in November last year. Four days later she was told it had spread to her liver and was not curable.

Vickie, who is mother to Liam, who is nearly one, Kaiden, six, and Jakob, eight, was devastated and feared her dream of marrying Ian would not happen due to her worsening diagnosis.

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Neighbour Jess Limb, 32, was so touched my her plight she stepped in and set up a justgiving page to fund the wedding at The Venue in Ashbourne

Vickie, a community nurse, said: "Thanks to everyone it was an amazing day – it was just perfect.

"I haven't even begun my thank-yous to so many people who did so much.

"I just haven't got the words, the day was just perfect."

She was given away by her mum, Trudi, and her three sons were page boys.

Vickie said: "We had about 40 guests, it was a very intimate wedding. Ian is a very quiet person but he was more emotional than me and my son Jakob cried more than me.

"We were very spoilt. There was a gorgeous wedding cake and 100 cup cakes as well as a chocolate fountain – it was just amazing."

Vickie is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. She said: "I get very tired but I have three kids and you just have to get on with it. I am just trying to live with it.

"I have been told the cancer is incurable and that is very hard."

As well as making her wedding possible, Vickie has been overwhelmed by the generosity of her friends and family.

She has had tickets for Conkers activity centre posted through the door, with a note saying "have a wonderful day", but no contact details.

After reading about Vickie in the Mercury, Merlin's Magic Wand, offered her and the family a trip to the Legoland Windsor Resort. She said: "The two older boys are mad on Lego. They have gone on about Legoland and I promised I would take them at some point."

Vickie hopes she will be well enough to make the trip in August but is keeping it a surprise from the children until the day before they go.

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wedding dresses Style

These dresses made from redesigned antique kimonos should definitely make the bride feel special on her big day!

Kyoto-based wedding planner Watabe Wedding recently announced that they have started making their unique line of “Shoen” dresses available on a rental basis. And what makes this line of dresses so unique? The dresses are all made from authentic antique furisode kimonos.

Watabe Wedding first released the Shoen line of dresses in February of 2016, mainly for sale to hotels and wedding venues around Japan, but they have now started renting out the dresses to hopefully make them available for use in overseas weddings, post-wedding parties, and more

They’re now renting these five stunning gowns from the Shoen line:

1. The Tsurumomiji (crane maple): This an a-line dress in vivid red, illustrated with cranes flying in the autumn sky. Images of chrysanthemums, maples, and a blue river running through the lower half of the dress complete the look.

Image: wedding dresses online australia

2. The Fujiageha (wisteria and swallowtail butterfly): This high-waisted dress features beautifully embroidered swallowtail butterflies against a backdrop of wisteria flowers and a beautiful gradation of yellow, black, gold and red colors.

3. The Ranbu (orchid dance): This mermaid-line dress is designed with flower petal-like frills on the back and adorned with luxurious patterns of pink phalaenopsis orchids. The specific type of orchid in pink apparently conveys the message “I love you”, so this is a particularly appropriate and lucky design for a wedding dress.

4. The Kanazuru (gold crane): The gold cranes depicted on a cloth of vibrant red gives this sleek dress both a luxurious and bold feel. The black chiffon material further adds to the elegance.

5. The Botangiku (peony and chrysanthemum): This a-line dress stuns with its rich, pink base color containing spun gold and a dazzling pattern of various flowers including peonies and chrysanthemums, making it a virtual floral bouquet on silk.

The five dresses are available for rental for prices ranging from 50,000 yen to 150,000 yen (US$453 to 1,359).

If you have plans to be a bride in Japan, and if you don’t conveniently own a formal furisode kimono that may be folded and arranged into a western-style dress, this could be the perfect way to add a uniquely Japanese element to your wedding wardrobe. And even if you’re not in need of a wedding gown, we’re sure you’ll agree with us that the dresses are still a delight to look at!

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Wedding Vows

Whether you're a bride, a groom, or a guest, wedding vows are important. In just a few minutes, while surrounded by family and friends, a couple is expected to unveil something deeply personal—the groundwork for their future together—including sentiment, sometimes humor, and memories. That's why more couples are leaning toward writing their own vows, or altering the traditional ones, to kick off a lifetime together as equal partners.

In 1981, Princess Diana made headlines when she chose not to include the word "obey" in her vows to Prince Charles. Instead, she promised to ''love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health," giving way to an ongoing, international discussion about the language used during a wedding ceremony. And in 2011, Kate Middleton took the same approach when she married the late royal's son, Prince William.

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Twenty-six years later, modern-day brides are still poring over how to pen wedding vows that are rooted in both reflection and equality. So was the case for Chloe Pinkerton as she prepared to marry Ross Kennedy-Shaffer on a sweltering July day last summer. As their wedding date approached, Pinkerton realized how important the language used in their vows would be.

"We wanted there to be balance in the opening lines; we didn't want [our vows] to be identical because we're different people working on different things, but we wanted to make sure each person's promise was met with a similar one," Pinkerton explains. "The word 'partner' (rather than 'husband,' 'wife,' or 'spouse') was important to us because it involves the idea of equality and doesn't have any of the possession connotations that some of the other partnership words involve. We also wanted to steer clear of the idea that men and women have defined, gendered roles in a relationship."

The couple also chose not to use some of the more common phrases, like "to have and to hold" and to "take [your partner]" because, as Pinkerton explained, "the language felt very ownership-centric, and as a result, dehumanizing."

Ultimately, they decided on five simple statements that embodied the life they hoped to create together:

I promise to love and support you as you continue to grow and learn.

I promise to make time to play your favorite games and mine.

I promise to try to make the world a better place with you.

I promise to laugh with you and cry with you through good times and bad.

Most of all, I promise to be your equal partner forever.

While some couples opt to write their own vows to ensure a balanced exchange, others choose to revise the familiar, giving new meaning to the familiar phrase "to love, honor, and obey."

When Peter Rocco and Marie-Ellen Ehounou tied the knot last May, the couple modified traditional vows so that "honor and obey" would be excluded.

"Our attitude was kind of: 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it,'" Rocco explains. "I think the traditional vows end up capturing most of what people try to say when they write their own anyway—with some minor tweaks in our case."

Despite using traditional vows as guidelines, the couple did make it clear they were entering an "equal loving partnership."

"I felt pretty strongly that it was important to have something about partnership even if we didn't call each other partners," Ehounou says.

But for Abigail Myers, a forward-thinking approach to marriage was built into her ceremony via her officiant and church. When writing her vows, Myers says she "didn't have to think too hard about shedding the patriarchal elements of a traditional Christian wedding because our church is famously, wildly progressive, and our (female) pastor is a fierce feminist, so we trusted her implicitly and absolutely to use egalitarian wording."

If you're looking to pen your own—or modify the traditional—writer Fiona Tapp suggests some key concepts to use as inspiration:

I promise to support your ambitions and dreams.

I will comfort you when you can't be strong, and I will lean on you when you can.

And, most simply of all…I will love you.

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Lose Weight

When it came to starting a wedding diet, I procastinated. Hard. In fact, a month before the big day I went on a work trip to Morocco and Paris where I ate all of the bread, butter, and chocolate my appetite desired (as one does). Which is all part of the how I found myself muffin-topping over the sides of my strapless Reem Acra gown (pictured, top left) at my last fitting, just two weeks before I was supposed to walk down the aisle.

I'll admit, I was bloated at the time from my period, so when it ended a few days before my wedding, my body tightened. But, I was also up a few pounds. Instead of accepting it, I took about four private workout sessions per week with celebrity trainer David Kirsch. The pro is responsible for sculpting the bodies of celebrities (like Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum) and has a wealth of fitness and health knowledge (to recap, he's written five books, has his own line of shakes and supplements, and owns a top-notch NYC gym). He put me on a routine that was a mix of cardio, strength training, HIIT, and TRX. Every time we met up, the moves and sequences were different, which kept my body guessing and metabolism revved.

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But anyone who has successfully lost weight knows diet is more than half of the battle. And pre-getting "Kirsched," I had been working out almost every day anyways. So I do credit his eating plan for partly pushing those five extra pounds off of my body.

Here, I am going to share exactly what I ate — and most importantly, did not eat! — to shed the lbs, so my dress fit perfectly (top right). Note, the dress was not taken in or out between the two images, but my body actually transformed in two weeks!

"In my experience working with a bride-to-be, the last couple of weeks leading up to the wedding is uber stressful," Kirsch told me. "As you can attest to personally (Lauren), slight tweaking of your diet will go a long way to keeping you optimally energized, fueled, and looking your very best on the big day!"

Let's start with the hard part, things to avoid according to Kirsch:

Say goodbye to pizza, because you will not be eating processed carbs (bread, pasta, crackers, etc.) or dairy. "I have found that dairy can cause bloating, and who wants to be bloated on their day?" Kirsch said. And no whole grains or potatoes either.

I have personally eliminated both gluten and dairy for weeks and added them back to reveal that I am not intolerant to either. I can have a slice of pizza and feel like a peach, but kicking them out of my diet definitely made my belly flatter. After three days of no carbs, I was craving them! So I texted Kirsch asking if I could have a sweet potato. He told me to crunch on celery instead. It took willpower to follow his advice, but it was worth it. I surely enjoyed sliding into my bathing suit when I arrived at my tropical honeymoon a few days after my wedding.

You'll also need to revamp your drinking game. That means, no alcohol (NONE!). While this meant sitting through events, family dinners, and bar nights totally sober, I enjoyed the mental clarity and increased energy in the mornings. "Save the glass of champagne for after you walk down the aisle!" he said. And yes, I got to enjoy a few flutes of well-earned bubbly at my affair . . . and a margarita!

I also had to limit the amount of coffee I drank. Kirsch recommends having one espresso in the morning. While I stuck to brewed coffee beans, I drank it black. I didn't even add almond milk, and I swear it makes a difference in better digestion.

Kirsch believes that "too much coffee can lead to belly bloat!" Think about it, coffee dehydrates you, so you retain water to hold on to it. Instead, switch over to green tea, which has both caffeine and antioxidants. Every morning, I also had one of his A.M. Detox Drinks (it's yummy and fantastic for your skin!). You can see it in the mason jar above.

Finally, the hardest (for me, since I have a sweet tooth): no sugar. Even dark chocolate. OK, I may have had a handful of dark chocolate-covered almonds one rough night, but for the most part (like 95 percent) I kissed my beloved cookies, ice cream, and cupcakes goodbye. In fact, my husband hid the chocolate on a very high shelf so I could not reach or find it in our apartment. Do what you need to do to survive, brides!

Now onto what you can eat. Disclaimer, this was not Kirsch's exact plan but one loosely based off his advice and what I know works best for my body.

For breakfast I stuck to two options. The first, two eggs and sauteed spinach, all cooked in EVOO. Earlier in my wedding prep, I enjoyed that dish with a side of avocado, but the last two weeks I cut it based on Kirsch's recommendation to limit my fat intake (even healthy ones!). Otherwise, I had an antioxidant-rich bowl of unsweetened coconut yogurt with a handful of raw almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds, cacao nibs, and blueberries. While Kirsch recommended no fruit (remember, no sugar!), I know blueberries are good for eliminating belly fat and making skin glow, so I had some anyways. If you're going to have sugar, eat it in the morning so you can burn it off throughout the day.

When it came to snacks, I sipped on dark green pressed juice (the kind without fruit) and crunchy veggies (Kirsch likes celery, red peppers, and jicama sticks). I also ate GoMacro bars, which were referred to me by another trainer I'd been working out with, Steve Pasterino. I bent the rules a little since these are made with brown rice syrup, but it ensured that I had an option when I was on-the-go.

Dinner and lunch were pretty similar. I'd either have what I dubbed a "Sad Salad" of spinach, crunchy water veggies (cucumber and snow peas), and lean protein (homemade chicken or salmon with no sauces) — all drizzled with EVOO and a lemon squeeze. Snooze. Otherwise, I would cook veggies (such as steamed green beans or asparagus) and have it with the aforementioned lean meat or fish. Sometimes, I would even have the eggs (see: breakfast!) for dinner, which I found very easy to digest. Occasionally, I'd enjoy a green smoothie (kale, spinach, blueberries, almond milk) with pea protein powder.

And for our grand finale, what to eat during your actual wedding weekend:

By then being a bride had taken over my identity (it happens to the best and most chill of us ladies in white). So I brought my own food to the weekend destination, including unsweetened coconut yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, green juice, nuts, seeds, bars, etc. I made sure my hotel room had a fridge to store it in.

"The day before is a day that you want to make sure to put the finishing touches," said Kirsch. "You have planned hard, sweated hard, and stayed away from the obvious no-nos. What else can you do? I suggest a relaxing massage, sauna, and steam. Eating foods like asparagus and celery will help keep you full and debloat you."

So I couldn't resist a taste of homemade pasta during our rehearsal dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant, but by 7 a.m. the next day, I was back on it.

"The day of, I would have a couple of eggs in the morning and oatmeal as you will need the energy and fuel for the rest of the day," Kirsch recommended. "A protein shake for lunch and water for the rest of the day. Save the drinking and eating for after the ceremony, or better yet, for the honeymoon!"

Here's what I consumed for breakfast on my wedding day: I had the antioxidant yogurt and seed bowl as well as black coffee; for lunch I ate a simple salad with grilled chicken provided by my venue; and for snack, I went with a GoMacro bar. After the ceremony, my husband and I sat in a separate room and ate every single appetizer (including pork buns, pulled BBQ chicken, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, and more!) and drank champagne. Diet. Over. As the evening went on, I enjoyed the goat cheese salad (CHEESE!), the short rib and sweet potato entree, wedding cake, homemade cookies, and apple cider donuts. There was pizza at our afterparty. I ate that, too.

Was dieting fun? No. Was it satisfying? Absolutely not. Was it worth it? Hell yes! For two weeks, you can do this! And you likely will lose inches, but you have to stick to it almost perfectly. We all have our handful of dark chocolate almonds here and there, but make sure you get right back on track. The best part in addition to your tight bod? You can pig out on your honeymoon! (On mine, I sure did my job consuming all of the noodles and dumplings Southeast Asia had to offer . . . and that is another story. Next up: How to get back your hot wedding bod of yesteryear.)

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pop-up wedding

If you haven't heard of pop-up weddings, you will.

Across the country, couples are ditching the idea of the traditional elaborate, expensive affairs and choosing to tie-the-knot with a less stressful, less expensive, less time-consuming ceremony.

Pop-up weddings are different than eloping or skipping off to get hitched in Las Vegas. They are small, intimate events taking place in unique locations supervised by a wedding coordinator for a fraction of the traditional cost of a wedding.

According to a study of 13,000 brides nationwide, The Knot.com found the average cost of a wedding ceremony and reception in 2016 was $13,329. Yikes!

"We hear from a lot of millennials who don't want to spend thousand of dollars and a year or more planning a wedding like their parents did," said Krista Embry, owner of Crown The Day, a pop-up wedding business right here in Louisville.

The couples interested in pop-up weddings aren't the type who care about photo booths, flash mob dances or matching bridesmaid dresses.

What they do want are a few special friends and family at their side, wearing whatever they want, and for the ceremony to take place in a special location.

Embry's scaled down, boutique style weddings are held at various locations throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana.

From the serene banks of the Ohio River to an edgier venue like The Baxter Avenue Morgue (Zombie makeup can be included) to outdoor music festivals, there's something to appeal to everyone.

Crown The Day offers wedding packages for $795. The price includes a unique venue, officiant, flowers, cake (or cupcakes), a livestream of the ceremony to Facebook, unity sand ceremony (couple combines two colors of sand into one vessel), a wedding coordinator, a celebration toast and photographs.

For $350, Embry offers a similar service (minus the celebration toast, flowers and cake) for couples who wish to renew their wedding vows.

By visiting the website, interested couples will find a list of the venues where ceremonies are offered and the day when the weddings or vow renews will take place there.

"Each wedding takes about 45 minutes and is conducted back to back to the next one, but this is not a mass wedding situation," Embry said. "The ceremony is individual and special - we take care of everything - so all a couple needs to do is show up with their marriage license."

Embry is currently booking ceremonies and plans to include more venues options, dates and services in the future.

In the meantime, to help spread the word and educate people on what a pop-up wedding is all about, Embry is offering free weddings and vow renewals this week at Abbey Road on The River, Thursday, May 25 to Monday May 29.

If you are ready to tie-the-knot or renew, simply show up at the Crown The Day booth in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

"It won't be hard to find us. We'll be the booth covered with flowers," Embry said.

Three couples have already signed up to renew their wedding vows but Embry said you can also walk up and get hitched this week.

Free ceremonies will also be available to members of the military on the Fourth of July and Veterans Day.

Another affordable option for those wishing to get hitched this spring is the Portland Wedding Weekend, June 10 and 11. The Portland community is hosting a weekend of affordable weddings at the newly-reopened church at 2718 Lytle St.

Celebrations will be conducted throughout the day and into the evening on Saturday and Sunday. Turn-key wedding packages start at $20 per guest and include the chapel, decorations, catered meal, soft drinks, wedding favors and cake.

If you are ready for a unique and personal way to say "I do" or "I do again" at a fraction of the cost of a traditional ceremony, a pop-up wedding or vow renewal may be the perfect solution to celebrate your union to the person you love.

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