Oberloh-Loy wedding

Heather Marion Loy and Jonah Baxter Oberloh were married July 9 at the Schmidt residence in Worthington with the Rev. Gordon Orde officiating.

Parents of the couple are Jon and Melanie Loy, Worthington, and Dana and Amy Oberloh, Worthington. Grandparents of the couple are Conrad and Judy Schmidt, Worthington, DuWayne and Carol Oberloh, Brewster, and Merrill and Lynn Loy, Carlton, MN.

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Maid of honor was Tori Benders. Bridesmaids were Kari Simmons, Lily Mackenzie-Olson, Andrea Neeland, Alyson Kasemodel and Sarah Waller. Personal attendant was Jenna Hildahl. Flower girl and ring bearer were Mabel Loy and Jalen Loy.

Best man was Dustin Oberloh. Groomsmen were Parker Sandhurst, Shane Pedersen, Spencer Nelson, Patrick McGuire and Kyle Schwartz. Ushers were Levi Leach, Ethan Loosbrock, Isaac Loosbrock, Conrad Schmidt, Clay Schwartzwalter, Colby Schwartzwalter and Spencer Hildahl.

Ceremony music was provided by the Great Plains String Quartet and Kiley Hazelton (vocalist). Dance performance was given by Taya Oberloh. Readers were Phillip Loy and Eric Loy.

Host couples were Steve and Anita Leach and Pete and Lisa Schmidt.

The reception and dance were hosted at the Worthington Event Center.

The bride is a 2012 graduate of Worthington High School and 2016 graduate of Concordia College, Moorhead. She is employed as an HR Coordinator at RDO Equipment Co., Fargo, N.D.

The groom is a 2012 graduate of Worthington High School and 2016 graduate of Concordia College, Moorhead. He is employed as a QA Engineer at Intelligent InSites, Fargo.

Following a wedding trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica, they live in Fargo.

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Wedding Photos

Imagine you're heading to a friend's party to enjoy an afternoon with friends — and then the unthinkable happens — a surprise wedding occurs! Welp, that's exactly what happened on Saturday, August 20 in Los Angeles when a casual Saturday afternoon turned into a surprise wedding for Mark Steines and Julie Freyermuth.

The backstory: about 100 people headed to TV personality Mark Steines' home, where they thought they were attending an anniversary party for his show Home and Family. The Hallmark Channel show had just celebrated its fifth year on air, so it was an easy ploy for the two to hide their nuptials before the big reveal,Us Weekly confirmed. His beautiful bride, Julie Freyermuth, 36, is the author of the children's book series Norbert the Dog, who is based upon her real-life dog Norbert, a 3-lb mixed breed therapy dog (with the cutest little wiggly tongue and floppy ears). Of course, he played a role in the nuptials.

In a flowy, off-white BHLDN gown with a strapped sweetheart bodice and flute-shaped train, the elegant bride walked down the aisle to the surprise of all their guests to one of the couple's favorite songs, "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. The beautiful brunette wore her hair back with just a few tendrils left forward, adding to her romantic look, while holding white peonies in a tight bouquet. A thin silver necklace grazed her neck, and her nails were polished a pinkish beige color. The only real jewelry on her hands was her engagement ring and a Neil Lane French antique wedding band, created circa 1910 — worn by both the bride and the groom.

julie freyermuth bride

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The wedding reception had a celebrity-filled guest list, including Leeza Gibbons, Nicky Whelan, Kerry Rhodes, and Dot-Marie Jones, who officiated the wedding. During the festivities, guests wined and dined on delicious comfort foods like fried chicken, Kobe sliders, and shrimp with a dessert table that included chocolate and Nutella-covered strawberries — a winner in most wedding guests' minds (and stomachs).

The two first met in August 2015 when the children's book author was a guest on Steines' show, and almost a year-to-the-date later, they tied the knot. "It was a day filled with love and laughter as our friends and family watched as our hearts danced under the stars," Steines, 52, shared. "Julie has illuminated [my family's] world. The darkness that once existed has been lifted and I am exuberant for the bright future that awaits our family." The former Entertainment Tonight host and photographer is a divorced father of two.

After the party died down and the guests left, it was clear to see the newly-married husband and wife were left feeling totally on cloud nine, ready to begin their lives together. Both posted twinning Instagram snaps of each other the next day in their wedding attire (with totally adorable captions!), with the journalist sharing a photo of his wife looking down and smiling in her white wedding dress, writing "Good morning wife." Not to be outdone, his bride shared a photo of her new hubs in his off-white suit complete with a white button down and black bowtie, saying "Good afternoon husband." It seems the two are both smitten with each other and their new marital status, and pulled off one heck of a surprise wedding. As it should be!

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Best bridesmaid outfits ever

As a newlywed couple, you'll naturally want to take as many photographs of your big day as possible.

But one bride got more than she bargained for when she was snapped with a pair of party-goers dressed in head-to-toe latex.

The unnamed woman, believed to be from Washington, looked shocked - and a little amused - to discover that the hotel serving as her wedding venue was also holding a fetish ball.

Grin and bear it: This bride got more than she bargained for when she was snapped with a pair of partygoers in head-to-toe latex, according to one guest who posted it on Imgur

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Her guest went on to upload a photograph of the blushing bride posing with the pair outside a lift in the hotel on Imgur.

The image has been viewed more than 7 million times in less than 24 hours as well as attracting thousands of comments on partner site Reddit.

One viewer commented that hotel staff are 'used to this s*** by now', adding: 'Though, it is fun to watch the people who are clearly there on business look around confused every con.

'The service desk is a great place to people watch if you need off your feet or want to eat, because there are almost always tables nearby.'

While fellow hotel worker gingerbeardy wrote: 'Work at front desk. Have seen this before. At least they are wearing clothes of some sort.'

One Redditor commented that they were the 'best bridesmaids outfits ever,' adding: 'So nice when you get something you can wear again and again'.

Paremo joked: 'Leather is among the most durable materials for clothes, and a high quality set of metal chains can delight your grandchildren long after your passing! Don't hesitate - call today and order an outfit you can enjoy for the rest of your life.'

While challenge4 wrote: 'Wearing white to a fetish ball, that's bold' and thr33beggars said: 'I hope the wedding planner saw that there was a fetish ball going on and immediately booked the hotel for that day.'

Nixonrichard replied: 'She probably did it because she secretly hated the bride and knew this would rubber the wrong way.'

Others commented that the scene looked like the 'best reception' or honeymoon ever. Danger_Zone wrote: 'Currently planning a wedding with my fiancé and I think we just found our theme.'

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wedding gown

Karen Manning hopes somebody has her wedding dress.

Manning, of Mansfield, recently opened a Swan Dry Cleaners' wedding dress box after 18 years and found someone else's wedding gown inside.

Perhaps the owner of the beige, satin wedding gown found in the box is looking for her dress, too? The simple wedding dress has a neckline trimmed in lace and eye hooks up the back. But it is not Manning's dress.

The box had not been opened since it was preserved after Manning's wedding in April 1998. It has been stored at Manning's mother's house.

Wedding dress -2.JPG

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The missing wedding gown was dear to Manning's heart. An Atlanta, Georgia, seamstress made the gown from parts of wedding dreses worn by her mother, Pam Fleming, and grandmother, Helen Schellman.

"Mom was married in Germany in 1943 and grandma was married in California," she said. "Grandma's dress was silk. Mom's lace wedding train became part of the (new) dress' bodice."

Manning said her mother picked the gown box up from Swan's Dry Cleaners shortly after the April 1998 wedding, and no one looked inside the box until now.

"The first thing I said was, 'I must be on 'Candid Camera,'" she said this week.

Manning, who is divorced, said her significant other Dave Evans' daughter Ariel Evans wanted to try the dress on. She is getting married in early 2017.

She said Ariel was with her when they opened the box. They drove immediately to the Swan Cleaners store, but it was closed.

Swan Cleaners at 165 Park Avenue West, founded in 1929 by Gordon Schwan, shut its doors in 2014, after 85 years of operation as a family business.

A Texas company won a $272,541 judgment against the company that operated Swan Cleaners, according to Richland County Common Pleas court records. The case remains open.

Manning said she has two questions she hopes News Journal readers can help her answer.

First, can the receipts be checked at the closed downtown business, which still has clothes hanging up in the front window? And secondly, can someone go look inside the business and look for the dress?

Marilou Schwan of Swan Cleaners was known for donating wedding dresses no one picked up at the shop to the First Congregational Church for its rummage sales, Manning said. Marilou Schwan died in May of this year.

She has called relatives of the Schwans and contacted Mechanics Bank, but no one has any legal right to be inside the former dry-cleaning business to look for her dress.

Manning hopes someone will recognize the beige gown, and asks that readers contact the News Journal if they have information about either of the dresses

Manning's mother said she hopes the treasured wedding dress can be found.

"It's irreplaceable, custom-made. We'd gladly offer a reward or pay for what somebody paid for it," she said.

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wedding band

Since they began over four years ago, Dan Roekle and his family have found scores of lost items for people in the Dane County area. Combing through parks, fields, backyards and golf courses, Roekle and his children, Carter and Kylie, have recovered 41 rings.

When Sun Prairie resident Jill Filkouski lost both her wedding ring and anniversary ring during a golf outing with her family, she was devastated.

Lost wedding ring

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“I felt panic, and I was freaked out,” Filkouski said. “It was terrorizing because it’s kind of heartbreaking to lose something like that.”

She lost the two rings after removing them to apply sunscreen, setting both down on the seat of her golf cart. After completing two holes and traveling the distance of about three football fields, Filkouski stopped to use the restroom. It was then that she realized her mistake.

Filkouski and her sister searched the course for over two hours and were able to find the anniversary ring. They continued their search for the other ring, concentrating on an area where the first one was found, but to no avail.

Later, a family of four offered to help in the search. Filkouski said that this act of kindness confirmed for her that there are still good people in this world. Eventually the search had to be suspended and Filkouski and her sister went home to finish out the night with family.

It was there that Filkouski’s father mentioned a local news story about a man who uses a metal detector to find lost items, but he couldn’t remember the man’s name.

As the evening progressed, Filkouski took to Facebook and made a post on the Welcome to Sun Prairie Facebook page about her ordeal. Eventually, someone posted a link to www.LostandFoundRing.com with the comment, “Dan can find it”.

Filkouski contacted Roekle on Monday, setting up a time to meet at the golf course on Tuesday morning. The golf course gave Filkouski and Roekle permission to search for her lost ring. With Filkouski’s husband, Michael, they used two metal detectors to sweep the area.

About an hour later, the ring was found.

“I cannot express the joy,” Filkouski said. “And my husband was the one to find it. He just looked down and saw it.”

Dan Roekle says he’s found 12 rings this year, and his goal is to average around 15-20 a year. With all the success, one might imagine Roekle turning his hobby into a full-time business. But that’s not why Roekle does this.

“Sure, we could negotiate rewards more, or increase our fees, but we don’t do it for the money,” Roekle said.

In fact, Roekle donates 25 percent of his earnings to his children’s school, and recently purchased a 3D printer with the money from his finds, donating that to the school as well.

In addition to rings, Roekle also finds keys, watches, necklaces and any other item made of metal with the help of his detectors.

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JoJo Fletcher

JoJo Fletcher and [SPOILER] finally made their first public appearance as an engaged couple on ‘After The Final Rose’ and revealed they’re moving in together! The happy couple gushed about wedding plans too!

Jordan Rodgers, 27 proposed to JoJo, 25, and the two who had THE craziest chemistry the entire season of The Bachelorette finally got their happy ending! On After The Final Rose the lovebirds revealed that they will be moving in together and they even leaked some wedding plans!

JoJo Jordan Planning Wedding

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“I’m excited we have a house in Dallas,” Jordan said. He revealed the couple is moving to Texas, JoJo’s home town! We couldn’t be more excited for the happy couple! Chris Harrison, 45, then asked, “when are you moving?” and Jordan quickly answered, “Right away!” JoJo revealed they are heading to NY for press, then grabbing his bags and flying to Nashville! She later said they were going to drive back to Dallas.

Then Chris asked the golden question — Wedding plans? Jordan took the lead and said, “Yeah we’ve talked about it. Next year.” He admitted they are “throwing around some dates.” JoJo beamed with excitement as Jordan said, “We’re ready!” She revealed she was so excited for them “to be normal” and “be together.” JoJo continued, “I’m just so excited for people to see us together.” AW!

“I was texting with his mom. I was like I don’t even know where to begin with this whole planning! She was like you gotta pick a date, you gotta find a venue! She’s been throwing ideas,” JoJo gushed. SO cute! Jordan added “she was at a venue for something and like snuck a packet in.” Chris joked about Texas stadium.

Then Jordan adorably told Chris he couldn’t wait for them to post a pic together. The former pro football player even revealed a funny story about their secret Snapchats! He said “You don’t know how many pics we’ve taken on Snapchat, and you don’t know how many times we took one and were like oh don’t hit post!” Chris jokingly said, “Don’t to pull a Kaitlyn!”, and everyone shared a laugh. And we all remember when Kaitlyn Bristowe, 31, posted a photo of she and Shawn Booth, 29, to her Snap, pretty much spoiling the finale when she was the Bachelorette on season 11.

JoJo ended the conversation by telling the world they have their house that they’re going to move into and then “once things start settling down” they’re going to get into chatting about the wedding more. We can’t wait to witness their journey to marriage!

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