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For parents, solemnising the marriage of their daughter in a cordial atmosphere and seeing her off from home is the happiest moment of their life. However, a family in Abdullian village had to shift the venue for marriage rituals of their daughter to the house of a relative in RS Pura.

The family had to receive the ‘baaraat’ at their house in Abdullian village near the International Border (IB) on Wednesday, but with escalation in tension and shelling and firing becoming the order of the day, the venue for the marriage was shifted to a safer place.

Pak shelling forces people to shift marriage venues

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Suresh Kumar of Abdullian village and his wife and relatives were going towards RS Pura town in his car with important wedding items, quite upset with things unfolding on the IB.

“It is an irony that I am busy shifting important household items to a safer place in RS Pura on the day my daughter is getting married,” Suresh Kumar told The Tribune near Abdullian village while moving out.

“I should have been finalising arrangements for the wedding today. We had to receive the ‘baaraat’ at home this evening, but were forced to shift the venue to some other place owing to heavy shelling and firing from the Pakistani side,” he said.

Villages all along the IB were pounded with shells from the Pakistani side throughout Tuesday night with Border Security Force personnel retaliating in a similar manner. Residents had to migrate to safer places to save their lives as heavy shelling frightened them.

“The ‘baaraat’ is coming from the nearby Chakroi village. All of us in the family were happy for my daughter. All arrangements had been finalised, but we had to relocate things to safety due to the current situation on the border,” Kumar said.

“I shifted my daughter to the house of a relative on Tuesday amid the shelling. The wedding will be held as scheduled. I have to fulfil my responsibility even though the joy of the marriage is missing,” he added.

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Jules Rendell

Go to YouTube and you see Jules Rendell soulfully singing with the choir she formed, Get Gospel, when they appeared on the BBC Gospel Choir Of The Year competition in 2015. Look on the lady's website and you'll see a review, originally published in Echoes magazine (which is bi-lined The UK's Essential Black Music Monthly), and read how her 'The Lotus Bloom' EP "puts her somewhere near Minnie Riperton in style: not for her the belt-it-out and snarl approach, more the exquisitely measured, deftly placed emotional squeeze of someone who is interested in delivering you the message in the song." What is particularly intriguing about all this is that Jules once trained to be an opera singer.

I caught up with this most accomplished of vocalists at a festival in Bedfordshire and she told me her story. "I was born in Bromsgrove which is in Worcestershire. I lived there for 18 years and then I went to Manchester to the Royal Northern College of Music. I studied opera up there, which was nice. I had a classical background; I played cello so I was in orchestras and things like that so I wanted to do opera. When I was there, in Manchester, I actually became a Christian."

Jules grew up in the Catholic Church but had no clue about the Gospel message. She explained,

"I went to Uni and, the first day, I met two Christians and then about six months later there was an evangelistic kind of week at the college and that's when I heard the Gospel for the first time. So it was relatively easy for me because I suppose I had a little bit of a background but didn't know any of the details. I've always loved soul music. I grew up listening to Luther Vandross and Anita Baker. My Dad had this amazing record collection, which he still does, with all these Motown artists. I loved it. Strangely, although I had a classical background and played cello in orchestras and things like that and was studying opera, I never really listened to classical music. So at the end of my time at college I thought 'd'you know what, I don't really want to do this opera thing. I want to go and do soul music and gospel and jazz'. I did all the jazz courses when I was there and I sang with a big band and all that so I kind of made the most of everything extra-curricular from opera. After that point I kind of made the transition."

One of those extra-curricular activities was the Manchester Sing Out Choir. Said Jules, "It was formed because the Gorillaz did the Manchester International Festival at the Opera House so it was drafted together for that and then continued on from there. I made an EP called 'Jules Rendell' in 2007 and at that time I was moving to London from Manchester. It was made with Manchester musicians and was very soulful and a little bit electronic. Then in 2009 I made one on my own - piano and just vocals and that was called 'Sunrise'. I was doing gigs in bars, open mics, festivals. With the song 'Sunrise' I won a competition on Premier Radio for unsigned artists to play at Big Church Day Out and that was 2010 and it was the biggest thing I'd done up till that point."

Jules spoke about her songwriting. "Most of my songs, even now, will come from a place of my life and in my life I have a relationship with God so some of them are talking about the Lord and to a Christian it would sound explicit because they'd understand it. If you weren't a Christian you'd just think it was a great song. I'm a worship leader as well and I've written a lot of worship songs and I've done worship albums but I want to write music that anyone can listen to and understand."

(photo: C K Golding)

(photo: wedding dresses sydney)In 2012 Jules' third EP 'Collection' was released. "We did it in 48 hours. I like to work with short deadlines and I had a gig coming up so I thought right! I'm going to release an EP for it. To be fair, two songs had been produced already and then we did two songs in 48 hours. It was great. I added a fifth one to it which was on the earlier 'Sunrise' EP and we did a full band version because it was on a film called The Father's Love, a feature film in the US, a Christian film, and they asked me to do a full band version of the song called 'Thank You'."

Everyone seems to agree that her 2014 EP 'The Lotus Bloom', like its predecessor produced by Goziam Okogwu, is Jules' best so far. Wrote Cross Rhythms, "Rendell's main asset is her voice and, whilst there are plenty of singers out there - Joss Stone comes to mind - who have adopted the same Americanised-delivery and sound just like her, she carries it off with aplomb in the likes of the optimistic 'One Day' and the bass-driven soul of the cautionary 'Destination'. Elsewhere, 'Carry On' continues in the general upbeat feel of an EP that seeks to gently communicate God's love for us whilst the simply stunning title track showcases Rendell's vocal, piano and songwriting skills in one fell swoop."

Jules spoke about the song "One Day". "There's a guy, I call him an environmentalist, I don't know whether that's the right word, a guy called Danny. I met him on a cruise ship. He was going to research some geographical areas, the effects on the environment that population have for instance around Asia. He was writing blogs everyday so he asked me to write a song to go on one of these blogs. I had no clue what to write about the environment so I thought, well, I know how to write a love song and so I thought I could write a love song to the environment because the thing is, we live in this world and it's an unrequited love relationship really in that the world gives us everything that it's got - its beauty, its natural resources - and we ruin it! Sometimes we think we'll have to do something good for the environment, we're gonna recycle or we're gonna offset our carbon footprint but then you kind of fall away from doing that and it's half hearted. And I thought this is just like a relationship where it's unbalanced; one person loves the other more than the other one. And that person says I do love you, honest, but then they don't show it. And that's just the way we are with the world sometimes, I think. So I picked a verse in Romans 8 where it says creation groans for the sons of God to be revealed."

An even more moving song on 'The Lotus Bloom' is the title track. "My friend and flatmate Susanne got chronic fatigue. She had shingles and it developed into this chronic fatigue. From what I've seen this chronic fatigue is very much linked to emotions and past experiences. You have to go through a lot of counselling. It kind of develops in your body. And she went through an amazing transformation as a person because she worked on her relationship with God and she realised who God was and that he really loved her. She'd had bad experiences growing up with family members so she had a skewed view of who God was. . . She would call herself a Christian and go to church, pray for people. But she realised she didn't like God. So God had to reveal himself to her in a special way and he really did. It was a slow process but through it all she was miraculously healed and she's married now, got two children, and she'd doing great. I sang 'The Lotus Bloom' at her wedding."

It's the gospel and soul group/small choir Get Gospel that takes up much of Jules's time. She explained, "I spend most of my week doing that, arranging songs and gigging. We do all sorts of different things. You do the normal kind of weddings and funerals, all that kind of thing, but we also do commercials and sessions and really fun things. It's very varied and I get to work with some absolutely fantastic singers. So I make a living out of music which is amazing. As well as doing my own thing and doing the odd session here and there."

Jules has just got married to a chap called Arley and when she gets back from their honeymoon in Israel she will be embarking on a Kickstarter-funded EP. It would be something of a first for the session-seasoned singer in that she will be playing cello on some of the tracks. It will also feature a couple of songs "which are probably the most explicit ones I've ever written." She enthused, "One's called 'It Ain't Over' and it's all about God turning things around, doing miracles. You know, we've all been in those situations where you don't know how it's going to work out and then God does something suddenly and it works out. Just like when Paul was on the road to Damascus or when Jesus raised Lazarus. That one's online, a video of it. And the other one's called

'Warrior' and it's about those times when you run away from God and he never ever lets you run away. He is relentless in his love. I was thinking about both Moses and Jacob when they took off their shoes and especially Jacob when he was wrestling with God. And sometimes we do that, we're like no, I don't want to go your way. And He says well, I'm gonna give you a new name. It's a very intimate song about Him just never leaving us. They're both on line, on YouTube."

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Fall Wedding

Grooms – work with an expert on your suit.

There is nothing worse than seeing a groom with an ill-fitting suit. 9 Tailors is an award-winning, custom clothing company who specializes in suits and dress shirts that are a culmination of old-world tradition and modern elegance. In addition to quality craftsmanship, the tailored products reflect sophistication, style and function. With the guidance of their expert style consultants, the groom will peruse curated fabrics and well-edited design options.

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Have a Plan B.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year to get married in New England, but the weather can often be unpredictable. If you’re about to say “I do”, you should have a plan for all weather scenarios, advises Brilliant Event Planning. If you are having an outdoor wedding, it’s a must to have a rain tent on hold! Many tent vendors will allow you to pay a small deposit for the tent up front – you only pay the remaining balance if bad weather becomes a reality. Brilliant Event Planning also recommends consulting with your venue on portable heating options or considering incorporating pashminas into your decor to keep guests warm. If your wedding is on the calendar for next fall and you’re just beginning to find your vendors, Brilliant Event Planning strongly suggests including a force majeure clause in each of your contracts. This clause includes provisions for what happens if there is inclement weather that cancels or delays your wedding.

Make sure the food is memorable (and delicious!)

Founded by Chef Ben Elliott and winner of Best of Boston 2016, Saltbox Kitchen Catering offers clients unique farm-inspired menus paired with impeccable service for weddings and rehearsal dinners of all sizes. In the fall, they are inspired by the beautiful range of colors seen in nature, the crisp cool air and the incredible produce that is available this time of year. For their seasonal menus, they source as many of their ingredients as possible, including vegetables, herbs, eggs and lamb, from Ben’s 10-acre family farm in Concord, MA which utilizes only organic growing practices. Couples can also rent Saltbox Farm, a quintessential New England farm, for their event.

To capture the fall season, Saltbox recommends their clients offer a cider-based cocktail when guests arrive. Decorate tables with not just flowers, but seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples or squash. Add warm fuzzy blankets to the décor for guests to use. Saltbox creates its fall menus by focusing on cozy, comfort foods like braised short ribs or lamb shanks.

Make sure your cocktail hour makes guests wanting more.

Cocktail hour at a wedding usually is everyone’s favorite part of the festivities. A signature cocktail is the best way to wow your guests. By creating something special is shows your guests you added a personal touch and made this time special for them. When creating a signature cocktail think about what’s available and or what’s in season. For the fall, our favorite ingredient is apples! Whether you and your groom picked them yourself or you visited a local farm, your guests will be wowed when you add apple cider to Chloe Prosecco and make a fall mimosa. Use caramel sauce to rim the glass with cinnamon sugar and then garnish the glass with a slice from one of the apples you picked. Add Fall Cheers to your special day!

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Wedding Night Hotel

While not as integral to your wedding as the reception venue or caterer, the hotel you choose for your wedding night plays a part in the overall experience of your special day. Of course, a comfortable bed, luxurious amenities, and top-notch service are important, but it's some of the other details that can actually have a bigger impact on your wedding day before and after the ceremony and reception. Here are a few things you should think about when selecting the perfect place to lay your head after you've said "I do."

Will you get a discount if you reserve multiple rooms for your bridal party and guests?

Many hotels will offer the bride and groom a free night, discount, or upgrade if they fill a certain number of rooms with their guests. If the hotel doesn't offer, it's worth asking. If you're blocking off a lot of rooms or staying at a time when the hotel is less busy the hotel might be willing to sweeten the pot to ensure you book there.

Wedding Night Hotels

How early can you check in?

If you're planning to get ready for the wedding at your hotel room, you'll probably want to check in earlier than the official check-in time (anywhere between 2pm and 5pm depending on the hotel). Make sure to find out if an early check-in is possible or if you'll need to reserve the room for the night before as well. Even if you aren't getting ready at the hotel, it can be helpful to check in early to drop of your stuff for the wedding night so you don't have to deal with it after a long day — and multiple glasses of champagne.

How big is the room and what amenities does it have?

If you're planning to have your whole entourage get prepped in the bridal suite, make sure you won't be overcrowded in a tiny room. At the very least, make sure there's plenty of counter space, multiple electrical outlets, and large mirrors. And if the hotel is older, double check that there's AC; the more bodies in the room, the hotter it will be.

How close is it to the venue?

No couple wants to be stuck in traffic on their wedding day or spend a bunch of time in the car at the end of a long, exciting day. Consider how far the hotel is to where the ceremony and reception will take place, how bad traffic will likely be at the times you'll be commuting, and what kind of transport is available in case you don't want to drive yourself. Consider your budget as well; a closer hotel can save you money by eliminating the need for a limo or other transportation.

Is there room service? How late does it run?

It's cliche but true: Many couples are so busy during the wedding that they don't get time to eat until after the festivities are over. It would be an unpleasant surprise to return to the hotel at 11pm dreaming of a cheeseburger and then find out that room service ends at 9pm. Consider the morning after as well. If the idea of breakfast in bed appeals to you, make sure the place you're staying can deliver.

What time is check-out and can you extend it?

Many brides and grooms rush off to the airport or to a day-after brunch the morning after they say "I do," but if you've got nothing to do but relax, make sure that the hotel's policies will allow it. Find out what time check-out is and see if hotel policy allows you to stay a little longer.

Is there transport to the airport?

If you have an early-morning flight and your relatives aren't exactly volunteering to wake up at dawn post-party and drive you to the airport, it's worth inquiring if the hotel has a shuttle to the airport. Even if it comes at a fee, it's likely cheaper than a cab — and your guests get to sleep in.

Is there a safe?

Chances are, you'll receive at least some cash as wedding gifts. Giving it to a relative who can safeguard it or take it directly to the bank is a great idea, but if you need to hang on to it overnight for any reason, make sure your hotel room has a safe so you can keep your cash secure.

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Rustic Redneck Florida Wedding

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout has always enchanted fans with her Southern sensibilities, and now Bookout has enchanted herself with her very own rustic-and-redneck-styled wedding.


The 25-year-old Bookout said her I do with her fiancé Taylor McKinney on Saturday at the Honey Lake Resort in Greenville in a “very traditional religious ceremony” conducted by Bookout’s pastor grandfather.

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Bookout got engaged back in January when McKinney popped the question to her on a beach in front of MTV camera crews. How romantic!

“I am so excited because I don’t use the word ‘fiancé’ because I think it’s kind of silly!’ Bookout said. “So I’m excited to finally be able to call him my husband.”

The newlyweds already have a bustling flock to look over in their two babies, Jayde and Maverick, and in their 7-year-old Bentley, whose birth gave Bookout a slot on the first season of MTV’s Teen Mom all those years ago.

The first plan of action for the love birds?a Hit the Caribbean.

“We’re going for seven nights, eight days,” Bookout said. “So eight days with no children and beer and a beach, it’s going to be awesome.”

It’s hard not to feel old when you realize that Teen Mom started seven years ago, but hopefully for Bookout, she’s finally found the person she can grow old with … or at least spend a few years together.

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Wedding tips

We're going to go ahead and award Blake Lively the best friend ever award, considering she attended her BFF's wedding this weekend. And while that might not sound remarkable, it is actually a major deal, considering she had just given birth to her second child, like, five minutes ago. Lively welcomed baby no. 2 on Friday, and was at her assistant Jessica Snyder's wedding on Sunday like it was NBD. When, in reality, it is a BFD.

So what's it like attending a wedding after a human has just emerged out of your womb? Sure, Lively makes it look easy (I mean, did she even use a filter on that pic?!) — but in reality, it's kind of a G-D disaster. Here are some guidelines to help you get through it.

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1. Plan to wear black. Blake Lively got one thing right: Black is forgiving. Black is slimming. Black will help hide the fact that, unless you are a pregnancy unicorn like Lively, you will still look six months pregnant.

2. Plan to wear a maternity dress. Ain't nobody fitting into a pre-pregnancy dress two days after giving birth. Heck, even two months after giving birth. Nobody has to know you're wearing Destination Maternity.

3. Plan to cry. Like, a lot. Post-partum hormones are no joke, and they will certainly not withstand even a chord of Canon in D. (Or commercials, for that matter.)

4. Plan to pump in the bathroom. There's no avoiding it: That breastmilk is going to have to come out one way or another, and you'd rather it be via pumping than via leakage. (Attractive.)

5. Plan to get drunk on one glass of wine. It's probably been approximately 10 months since your body has last tasted alcohol. The shock to your system will make you the world's cheapest date.

6. Plan to pump and dump. On that note, all that breastmilk you pumped will most likely have to be tossed. Your BAC can't be trusted.

7. Plan to have to wear a hospital-grade pad. Gory, we know. But, unfortunately, true. And bring extras.

8. Plan to be uncomfortable. Whether you had a C-section or a vaginal birth, sitting on a Chiavari chair with a rented cushion and hitting the dance floor in heels that you haven't worn in nine months is not going to feel good.

9. Plan to pop ibuprofen. See above.

10. Plan to leave early. Because your precious newborn bundle of love needs to be fed in T-minus two hours. And you're exhausted. And you miss him terribly.

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