Wedding shenanigans

Planning a wedding is a lot of hard work. Not only the wedding and the reception itself, but the pre- wedding events take up a lot of effort and time; and of course they are more the fun!


One of the recently hyped and celebrated pre-wedding events with a lot of pomp and zest is 'rang khela' (game of colours). So, there is not much you can do except wearing all white. The decor and the clothes all the guests wear are usually plain white as later they become the canvas of a hundred more shades.

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Bridal shower is an all-girls get together where the bride's female friends and family members come together to throw her a little surprise. Bridal showers can be done very differently and there are plenty of ideas to make the day a memorable one. Most of the bridal showers we have attended or seen pictures of usually are decorated with an all pink theme.

The cupcakes, balloons and cakes are either bright pink or pink with a tinge of white. A black and white chess patterned theme can be done easily. Black and white supplies are available almost everywhere. With black balloons, dress code and all things black, you could perhaps have a white cake to add contrast to the whole theme.

A garden theme can also be affordable yet classy. For garden themes, use colourful or different shades of green, and a colourful cake with delish butter cream flower frostings!


It is a very vibrant gathering with only close family members and so there is not too much crowd and thus the best approach to a Mehendi Shondha is the minimalist approach! A very common, yet elegant theme for Mehendi Shondha is green.

Henna is the main focus of the ceremony. With energetic music in the background, and with everyone wearing green, some dancing and others putting henna. Mehendi Shondha is a pre-wedding event to enjoy to the fullest with you close ones.

Green is the obvious choice but if you want to do things differently, candles can be your answer. Candles come in all shapes and sizes, and scented candles can be put to use as well to minimise the strong smell of henna since as a lot of people do not like it.


From décor to dress code, everything is yellow! That is a ceremonial Holud for you.

Bangladesh has big wholesale shops to purchase Holud-related items. If you visit Elephant Road, you will find 'dalas' and every other possible item needed for decoration! Apart from yellow, many other colours are also being used for themes in Holud functions to brighten up the atmosphere. Along with different coloured themes, floral can also be a very good theme for Holud events. It gives the whole place a vibrant and artsy look. Flowers always spread a joyous vibe. So, to make the room light up with happiness, there can be more uses of flowers and floral decors.

Weddings come once in a lifetime. There is no better way to celebrate this promising event, than enjoying them to the fullest without a dull moment!

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The wedding affair

Eyes down. Don't smile. Indian brides never smile." Remember those lines from the hilarious Bend it like Beckham? Well, luckily, a lot has changed since then. Not only do Indian brides now grin happily for the camera but they also kiss the groom, pull faces for the lens, dance like no one's watching and even dive into a swimming pool in all their finery-all for the perfect wedding album and more importantly, to make sure the wedding hashtag (cleverly created especially for the shaadi shenanigans) gives those unable to attend major FOMO.

Of course, the job of creating a good hashtag mustn't be underestimated. It's no longer about marrying two names to create a Brangelina or Saifeena imitation. Think Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover's #monkeywedding. Talking of Bollywood weddings, the most recent trend seems to be white weddings. While Bipasha stuck to the traditional red at her Bengali wedding, she did lighten it up with floral pink at her mehendi and a stunning gold lehenga at her reception. But it was Lisa Haydon and Neha Bhasin who chose to walk down the aisle in virginal white. Both beauties snuck away from the Mumbai limelight by picking a beach wedding in Thailand and a fairytale Tuscan wedding respectively.

The wedding affair

Images: http://www.sheindressau.com/casual-wedding-dresses

Bridal colours

Not every Indian bride might be open to picking white, traditionally considered the colour of mourning. But red is not the only bridal colour anymore, with brides choosing from a wide colour palette. Some even opting for neons. Priyal Sheth, marriager.com, refers to these as the Monroesque Brides. From the trend she is seeing on her wedding planning website, Sheth says a lot of brides are open to wearing black too. "If not pure black, they're mixing it up with another colour. Wearing white is a lot more common now than it was earlier," she reveals.

The 'smart' bride, who is more involved in the planning of her own wedding, is also thinking in terms of cost-effectiveness. "So brides are more likely to go in for heavy dupattas and light blouses on their lehengas, so they can wear the outfit again later," says Sheth. Fashion designer Surily Goel agrees that brides have become more experimental with their outfit choices. "A lot of it even depends on the venues and locations for that matter. With destination weddings now in vogue, themes are more different and bridal wear has a new twist to it. There is immense focus on colour combinations as well as the cuts and silhouettes as opposed to the embroideries.

The off-shoulder and cold shoulder trends are gaining popularity as it is feminine yet flirty at the same time," says Goel, whose latest collection includes elegant whites with embellished off-shoulder blouses. The Indo-western fusion trend is becoming more popular with each passing day, believes the designer. From stitched saree gowns to even losing the dupatta, Goel is a strong supporter of the fuss-free and more flattering style. Blues, greens, and jewelled tones have also been added to the palette, says the designer.

Of baraats and bidaais

The feisty non-conformist "Monroesque" bride needs to make a grand entry, and she can't rely merely on her clothing choices. Why should the boy's side have prerogative over boisterous baraats? A bridal baraat, says photographer Ankita Ashtana, is the next big thing. For WeddingNama co-founder Asthana, attending a number of weddings every season is just an occupational hazard. The bride and bridegroom's entry goes one step further with every ceremony, she notes. Brides want their entry accompanied with dhol-baaja and the whole shebang too.

"I definitely feel that the bridal entry or the couple's exit should be paid most attention to. People use cold pyros, confetti, rice, sparklers," notes Asthana, who enjoys capturing the moment on camera. At Nishka Lulla's Bangkok wedding, which was shot by Asthana's WeddingNama, the bride made an entry on a boat. "People have since been attempting to replicate that grand entry," laughs the photographer. Pooja Ghai, managing director, Tranquil Weddings, has another suggestion. "We've always used elephants for the entry of the groom, but we are now doing bidaai on an elephant too," she offers.

Get 'groom'ed

Did you read about the 258 grooms in Surat who arrived at their wedding venue on bicycles? How's that for reducing pollution and encouraging eco-friendly, sustainable practices. Clearly grooms are more involved and more open to experiment than they were earlier. "They're also far more aware of what works for them and what their fashion personality is. Also, they like to add elements of their personality to their clothes," says Kunal Rawal, fashion designer.

"I had a client who was a big comic book buff and wanted that incorporated in his outfit. It's not something that would necessarily be appropriate for a groom, so I added a couple of elements on the inside of his jacket, the pockets and buttons," he explains. Although the opulent Maharajah look is out, nothing beats the classic Sherwani, says Rawal. Hiral Khatri, owner of the iconic Borivali store Arvindbhai Khatri and Sons, suggests a fashionable twist on the classic. According to him, the latest trend is that of Anarkali-style Sherwanis. "The kurta under the classic sherwani jacket must be flared. This can be paired with jodhpuri pants or trousers," he suggests.

Rather than buy off the rack, men are more likely to go for something custom-made, believes Vinisha Jain, founder of Gentleman's Edition. "For those who are looking for something more affordable, I'd recommend Govinda Mehta, who does fantastic tailormade western and Indian wear, or Arjun Kilachand, who uses interesting colours-sky blues, pinks, maroons," she offers. The bride and groom need not match, but must complement each other. "Both outfits need to have lives of their own," says Rawal. When deciding both need to keep in mind what the function is and where the wedding is taking place.

Planning 'fun'ctions

Fun, rather than tradition, is the operative word at weddings now. But little is left to chance. Everything is choreographed, even traditional pheras, which are often accompanied by surround sound live chanting, reveals Alisha Shirodkar, marketing director, Tamarind Global. The mehendihaldi-sangeet trio is passe. "People like to mix it up with a pool party or something similar. The main focus is on helping the ladka walas and ladki walas mingle. So the focus is on more interactive events," says Ghai.

Like Shilpa Shetty did at her wedding, the couple could host a party, especially for their closest friends. Or take it a step further and head off for a "frenimoon." These involve 30 to 40 of the bride and groom's closest friends heading off to a destination to party it up, explains Sheth. This would be a great idea for those planning a destination wedding. This way the party is extending a few days more. While Rajasthan, Goa, Thailand, Bali have been favourites, wedding planners are putting their best foot forward to find the most exotic, unexplored locations possible.

The season is looking good for photographer Asthana, who is heading to Cambodia for a wedding at the Angkor Wat and then to Mexico. Shirodkar reveals some of their best finds. "The Middle East is trending, with Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Oman as good options. Those open to exploring South East Asia must look at Kota Kinabalu or Sepang in Malaysia. The other places are done to death," says Shirodkar. For a charming heritage-inspired European wedding she suggests Vienna, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Malta or Valencia. "Here we often make use of the heritage structures to plan our functions around them. This way the guests are able to sightsee a little bit too," she adds.

Trending themes

A wedding at a charming heritage property in Europe needs little in terms of decoration. "That's why the theme must be decided only once the destination and venue is fixed," suggests Shirodkar. From white weddings, to Gatsby, Mela or Casino nights, the Tamarind team is full of ideas. The Nikki Beach décor, a comfortable, clean, white look, is very much on-trend, especially when it comes to beach weddings. Ghai calls it the vanilla sky theme. "The décor needs to be white while the accessories are in bright colours," she explains. Sheth has ideas for those who are on a tighter budget. "Instead of spending money on real flowers, you could go with a boho theme and use paper flowers. Instead of bulky, expensive lanterns, you could pick simple fairy lights," she suggests.

Video wows

'Save the date' videos are a unique excuse for the couple to take off to an exotic location a few months before their wedding. "Earlier, these shoots would be a one-day affair at a drivable distance. But now we've done 10-day couple shoots as well and gone as far as Ladakh to Capadoccia, Turkey to USA," reveals Ankita Asthana, WeddingNama. Apart from save-the-dates, couples have begun to use these videos as replacements for invitation cards too. "A blogger I am working with has a lot of family and friends based in the USA. She realised that sending out physical invites would cost too much. So instead of wedding cards, she's using the electronic media," reveals Priyal Sheth, marriager.com.

Feast fit for a wedding

There's so much more to wedding food than chicken and potatoes. From decadent cheese platters to push pops for dessert, Sanjay Vazirani, CEO and MD, Foodlink Services India Pvt. Ltd, is full of ideas to spice up your wedding. From farm-to-table fare to satellite bars, here are ideas to consider for your standout reception menu.

LOCAL LOVE Local offerings can inspire the menu and create one memorable meal. Source ingredients from the wedding locale and make them the focal point of the food setup. Guests will love getting a taste of the destination through each sip and bite. Foodlink sources local chefs who travel for the destination weddings to serve local delicacies. Like chole kulche from Amritsar, the chef also carries the water and all the local ingredients to offer the authentic local taste. Chefs from Rajasthan ensure that aromatic chai is served in a kulhad if it's a Rajasthan based wedding.

PERFECT PAIRS Favourite dishes shrunk down to bite-sized canapés accompanied by mini sips will delight your guests during cocktail hour. Some miniature pairing ideas to consider- taco crostinis with margaritas in Patron nips, sliders with mini mugs of craft beers, grilled cheese finger sandwiches with Bloody Mary shooters, and tuna tartare cones with sake cups.

DESIGNATED DRINKERS In addition to your standard beer, wine and mixed drinks setup, couples are now also having second bars known as satellite bars, designated for a specific spirit or your signature drink of choice. The bartenders can stir or shake the martinis to each guest's preference, serve the drinks in frozen vintage cocktail glasses and garnish with fresh citrus peels, cured olives and dehydrated fruit slices. For a gin bar, consider setting up a variety of coloured tonic waters, juniper berry-infused ice cubes and garnishes such as muddled cucumber and fresh herbs.

SAVOURY SIGNIFICANCE If you're planning on including cultural traditions in your ceremony, have them extend to the menu as well. Even if the two cuisines aren't enjoyed together traditionally, see if your caterer can "marry" the cultures through food and come up with a few fusion dishes.

DESSERT PLAY Provide guests with a different point of view with unique dessert installations, like a doughnut wall, cake pop croquembouche, floating candy bars or an upside-down cake hanging from the ceiling-or re-create a classic dessert in an entirely new way for your guests.

EXOTIC FLAVOURS People seek local flavours along with world cuisine varieties. Some of the most popular exotic cuisines are fried tarantula, wasp crackers, century eggs, Haggis, Balut, Live cobra heart, monkey brains and more.

PIECE OF CAKE This wedding season, from dip-dye to marble, one can expect to be served slices of cakes that resemble paintings, layers of salted caramel, floral details, and versions of the enduringly popular 'naked cake' with its peek-a-boo layers of icing.

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Fairy tale wedding dress

Her name is Harmony Lawrence, and she spent six months designing her fall-themed wedding gown. Using gold and brown colors, she carefully crafted her unique gown as well as her groom’s outfit.

“About three of the those months were spent thinking about how things were going to look and creating the patterns, then it took three more months to sew the outfits, with the dress taking a majority of that time,” Lawrence of Portland, Oregon, told ABC News.

Images: cheap wedding dresses online

The dress used more than 2,000 beads, 5 yards of lace and 10 yards of other fabrics before Lawrence was finished.

“My mother, CC, our photographer Lauren and I were actually sewing beads on it until the day before the ceremony,” she recalled. “It got finished the way I hoped, but it definitely got right down to the wire!”

Thanks to being able to repurpose a lot of secondhand material, Lawrence said the entire project cost her about $300 to complete.

“The main material for my dress was actually donated by a family member who had it left over in their attic,” said the bride. “Because of its original color, I wasn’t sure at first if I was actually going to use it, but after putting it through a dying process it came out perfect! The flowers were made out of leftover remnant materials and some old prom dresses I’d collected.”

Lawrence is no stranger to gown-making. In addition to having her own photography business with her husband, Sean Parker, she designs ornate, one-of-a-kind gowns and dresses on her Etsy page, which made the choice to create her own wedding gown a no-brainer.

“Getting to see it actually come together is the best part of any dress project, and this was no exception,” she said.

The creative couple wed on Sept. 23 in Cape Lookout State Park on the Oregon coast.

The following week, they lived happily ever after traveling down the coast modeling their whimsical wedding attire throughout state parks in northern California.

“The dress needed a ton of cleaning after our trip down the coast,” said Lawrence. “The bottom hem got super muddy hiking through forests and wading through creeks. At one point, a hoop bone came loose after trekking through the woods for a few miles, but I managed to fix it on the trip using a rock hammer and a hatchet as a makeshift anvil.”

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth reunion were as controversial as their break up. After being spotted spending time together earlier this year, wedding rumors started circulating once more. After a few months,however, new speculations suggest that the wedding will be called off once again. "The Voice" judge was deemed unworthy of being a wife.

20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Inside

Images: wedding dresses 2016

Wedding Canceled Again?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may have gotten back together but the wedding seemed far off. In fact, a source claims that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's wedding was never going to take place. "The Voice" judge feels that she isn't confident in herself to take on the role of a wife.

Reports state that the former "Hannah Montana" actress and the "Independence Day" actor are arguing about the unusual habit - marijuana use -- of the former. More so, their personal differences hinder the couple from reaching the altar.

In fact, News Weekly claimed that the brother of Liam Hemsworth - "Thor" actor Chris Hemsworth - is worried that Miley Cyrus is not wife-material. He pointed out that Liam is oblivious to these hints. Liam may not realize what he's getting into.

Chris also pointed out that Miley and Liam have vast differences that could wreck their relationship in the long run. Admittedly, Miley genuinely loves Liam; the couple is not on the same page. In the end, Liam may be in for another heart ache. The "Love and Honor" star seemed ready for marital bliss while his fiancée seemed reluctant.

There are possibilities that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may break up eventually, given Chris' thoughts about his brother relationship. He could play a major role in breaking up Chris and Miley.

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Herrin-Sundquist Wedding

Miss Melissa Michelle Herrin, daughter of Michael and Shirlene Vanderwall of Metairie and Wayne and Diane Herrin of Abita Springs, was married to Mr. Stephen Bert Sundquist, son of Yvonne and Bert Sundquist, at Cedar Grove Tchoupitoulas Plantation.

Michael Vanderwall escorted the bride down the aisle. She was attended by her matron of honor, Ginger Mader of Metairie, and her maid of honor, Elizabeth "Mikey" Vanderwall of Metairie. Her bridesmaids were Elena Sundquist and Jessica Sundquist of Metairie.

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The groom was attended by best man Jason Lowrance of Metairie and groomsmen Johnny Avants and Marc Hernandez of Metairie and A.J. Avants of San Diego, CA. Pastor Chris Christopher officiated the ceremony and the wedding was photographed by Van Hotard. The rehearsal dinner was held at Café B.

Melissa is the granddaughter of the late Vernon and Irene Delatte, the late Vivian Loe, and Elizabeth Vanderwall of Metairie. She received a B.S. from Tulane University and works at Cowan & Lemmon. She is also a member of the Association of Legal Administrators.

Stephen is the grandson of Blair and Lois Sundquist and Gloria Joubert. He is employed at Airgas Priority Energy Services.

Following a two week honeymoon in Hawaii, the couple will reside in Metairie.

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Wedding Tips

Pair jackets with exaggerated palazzos and try monotone hues of pink, turquoise, teal and mint green to make a style statement at your friend’s wedding this season, recommends an expert.

Sidhika Gupta, Fashion Head, Roposo, shares a few tips on how you can shine through the celebrations.

Images: A-line wedding dresses

* Extended choli

The choli is extended further with net or lace attached to it, falling either high and low or straight onto the lehenga. Unique crystal placements and mirrors will make you stand out.

The extensions that flow beneath the actual choli add length, grace and volume to both the attire and your style.

* The trail

Make heads turn and look your mermaid best in an exquisite trail. A trend which has been the favourite on the Hollywood red carpet. A trail adds glamour and richness to any lehenga.

* Jacket style

Jackets have become a versatile fashion statement that can be modified in many different ways. You could pair it with a lehenga-choli or team it up with an exaggerated palazzo.

The jacket in zardosi, embroidery, or intricate velvet is the one-stop solution for fashionistas. Pick an opaque masterpiece in silk-brocade or go for a layered chiffon delicate. Fitted, flowing, flared, short, long, sheer, open or closed — doesn’t matter how you style your jacket because it’s all good.

* Contemporary chic

Try capes, dhoti-pants, shararas, palazzos, and crop-tops — the drapes and silhouettes are endless.

An impeccable section of colour can do as much to your outfit as a designer does. Choose from the neutral palette, or go monotone in blush, turquoise, teal or mint green, the vibrant colours will seamlessly up your game.

To go a step further you could go obmre. Ombre has taken over the latest hair colour, nail paint and even lipstick trends. Ombre lehengas are surely the next step.

* Floor sweeping fantasies

Make a sweeping statement in the Indian version of a gown and embrace its grandeur. So, opt for a floor length anarkali.

Be thoughtful with layering and take cues from the season’s colours, cuts, embroidery and embellishments.

* Minimalism

If you don’t like heavy dressing, then this trend is absolutely for you. Go for tasteful elegance in place of an ostentatious display.

Off-shoulder floral maxi-dress, chevron printed lehenga or a classic georgette sari can put you right under the spotlight.

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Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves‘ style has been anything but boring at CMAs past. In 2014, she brought giant hair (“I’m from Texas!”) to the red carpet, and had to ditch her stick-on undies at the last moment for a performance with Loretta Lynn. In 2015, she opted for an elegant forest green gown with Old Hollywood hair. And in 2016, she went even more over-the-top in a lavender tulle tiered confection so roomy, she joked to PEOPLE she had room for sweatpants.

The star offset the super-sugary, cakelike vibe of her dress with a dark wine lip and slicked-down bun, and with both she bucked two of the biggest CMA trends: sequins and giant hair. (But she did give us flashbacks to Rihanna, Lena Dunham and Jennifer Lawrence in the process.)

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Musgraves chatted with PEOPLE on the red carpet about the dress. “This is a custom Christian Siriano, I’m a big fan of his work, I was happy when he wanted to dress me and make me my own thing,” she said, before going on to joke that the skirt afforded her so much room, “I have sweatpants on and Nike sliders under this!”

An extra layer might be reassuring after her 2014 wardrobe malfunction. “We’re not going to have a repeat of that tonight, I learned my lesson that night with the stick-on underwear,” she said, joking she didn’t even know that was a thing before the night it betrayed her. “I don’t know what happened, all I knew was that in two seconds I was underwearless, the curtain opened and it was me and Loretta Lynn. I prayed some prayers in that moment.”

Her prayers were answered: She got a gorgeous dress that won’t let her down andthe chance to sing Dolly Parton at the CMAs.

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wedding theme

IT WAS more like something out of a horror film than a traditional wedding.

However that was just how Hampshire couple Debbie Clarke and Norman Clifton would have wanted it as they tied the knot in spooktacular fashion.

Guests arrived to the horror wedding bash of the year at Ampfield Golf Club on a Terminator limo with smoke coming out behind them.

Bride Debbie, 51, dressed as Dracula's bride and groom Norman, 55, came suited as a modern day Dracula.

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Even the bridesmaids got in the spirit of things on Saturday as they dressed up as zombies while the page boy Jayden Bishop, 12, who is Debbie's grandson, got dressed as a mini dracula and carried the rings in a mini coffin-shaped box.

The couple, from Chandler's Ford, have been together for seven years and got the inspiration to do the Hallowe'en wedding after enjoying a spooky murder mystery at the golf club two years ago.

Debbie said friends and family were initially taken aback with the Hallowe'en-theme, but they soon warmed to it.

She said: "At first they were a bit shocked, but when it sunk in they were so excited and couldn't wait.

"All our friends said it was one of the best weddings they were looking forward to.

"It lived up to expectations, everyone dressed up and looked wonderful. Even our chauffeur was dressed up for it."

From zombies, ghouls, draculas and even a voodoo doctor there was a real range of grizzly-dressed guests who got into the spirit, and the only person not dressed up for the occasion was the vicar.

Debbie added: "The guests said out of all the weddings they have been to, this is the one they are going to remember."

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