Pippa Middleton

The world's most famous bridesmaid is about to become a bride: Kate Middleton's younger sister Pippa, 33, is getting married.

Kate's wedding was a massive state affair watched by billions worldwide. But reports indicate that Pippa's celebrations are going to be much smaller and more private. Here's everything we know about the nuptials thus far.

Her fiancé is a mysterious multi-millionaire.

Matthews grew up in a mansion near Grantham, England and had expensive schooling. In his teen years, he was a successful race car driver, but at age 24, he decided to pivot and launch a hedge fund management company. Now, at age 41, he's still the CEO.

pippa middleton

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Matthews and Pippa have been dating steadily since 2015, though they were together for a brief stint in 2012. Despite his connection to the royal family, he's managed to keep an extremely low profile.

The ring cost than more $250,000.

Pippa's four-carat ring was designed specially by Matthews, People reports, and came from jeweler Robinson Pelham, who also designed the earrings Kate wore on her wedding day. After snagging a rare in-person interview with Pippa last September, the Daily Mail described the ring as "impossible to ignore."

Matthews proposed during a romantic getaway in the scenic Lake District last July.

The wedding is set for May 2017.

Us Weekly recently reported that Middleton and Matthews will be married in May 2017 at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire. Other sources have reported an exact date of Saturday, May 20. The reception will be at the bride's parents' house, just a few miles away.

But this won't be any old backyard wedding reception: The Middletons live in a $7.3 million manor on 18 acres of land, and a source told the Daily Mail that the reception is going to be "bling-tastic." The party is expected to feature high-end champagne, custom cocktails, and an expensive menu.

The dress is still a mystery.

In November, designer Giles Deacon was seen carrying garment bags into Pippa's home in London, according to Us Weekly. Deacon hasn't said if he's designing the bride's dress, though.

"I can never really comment on rumours," he told HELLO! Fashion. "Until things are confirmed it's just rumours." (Though he did praise the Middleton sisters' style as "divine.")

Princess Charlotte is going to be the flower girl.

Us Weekly also said that Middleton's niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, will be a flower girl and page boy in the ceremony. The report also says that her sister Kate will not be a bridesmaid — though a source suspects that she may perform a reading during the ceremony. (No word yet on why Kate won't be a part of the wedding party.)

It's believed that the groom's brother, British reality TV star Spencer Matthews, will be the best man.

Pippa and Matthews are going on an "early-moon."

The almost newlyweds will be traveling to visit Matthews' parents' five-star resort in St. Bart's before the wedding, a trip that a writer for the Telegraph dubbed an "early moon." No word yet on whether the trip is a replacement or just an addition to a more traditional post-wedding honeymoon.

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Wedding news

MOST women fantasise about having the perfect wedding and any little bump in the road can be stressful.

But one bride has taken offence at her 16-year-old sister-in-law for getting pregnant, asking fellow Mumsnet users whether it would be unreasonable to kick her off bridesmaid duty.

Many were unimpressed with the question and slammed the woman for her views on her sister-in-law’s situation.

Explaining herself, the woman known as Hesdeadjim on the forum, said she’d originally asked her groom-to-be’s two sisters to be her bridesmaids on the big day.

But far from it being a smooth process, she recently found out some big news that’s now affecting her decision.

The bride said: “We found out last night that 16-year-old sister is pregnant and will have a four month old baby at the time of the wedding.”

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Going on to explain that there are “mixed emotions” about the pregnancy within the family, the bride states that: “She planned the baby without her boyfriend or anyone else knowing about it so she’s happy even if no one else is.”

But despite her mother-in-law and father-in-law coming to terms with the pregnancy, the bride-to-be queries whether it’s now unreasonable to ask her sister-in-law to relinquish her bridesmaid duties.

She said: “She’ll have a four-month-old to care for and it’s really not fair to expect father-in-law and mother-in-law to take on care duties while sister-in-law does bridesmaid stuff, it’s their son’s wedding.”

She adds: “Sister-in-law is still living in a fantasy world where she’ll be able to care for the child as a single parent and still live the life of a normal teenager so I can’t ask her if she’ll manage it, she doesn’t know the reality of children yet.”

The bride adds that she’s worried the newborn will steal the limelight from her and her husband-to-be on their wedding day.

Part of her objection is that her and her partner have wanted children for four years but held off until they were married and had bought a house, saying she “can’t help but feel anger,” about the whole thing.

She said: “What’s more, my family were horrified when my cousin got pregnant at 23 outside marriage, so I know they will see sister-in-law and the baby and instantly judge my partner’s whole family.”

She continued: “It will be a massive elephant in the room.”

The bride ends her post asking whether it’s acceptable to ask her pregnant sister-in-law not to be a bridesmaid anymore and also not to bring the baby to the wedding.

Other Mumsnet users were quick to point out that the bride was being “unreasonable”.

One user said they “lost all sympathy,” when the bride claimed her niece or nephew would steal her limelight and added that she should, “grow up”.

Another said she’d had a similar situation at her own wedding, but had easily come up with a solution to her bridesmaid having a baby.

She explained: “She used to carry her baby in slings so I bought her a Kokadi Wunderland sling in a colour which matched her dress and her daughter became our youngest bridesmaid.”

Another Mumsnet commenter slammed the bride and said: “It sounds like you’re ashamed of having a 16-year-old mum as part of your wedding party.

“She will be having a hard enough situation without you ‘punishing’ her.”

Others commented that the bride should be rallying behind her young sister-in-law and offering her help rather than making her feel excluded.

The bride later said she didn’t want the baby at the ceremony for “obvious reasons,” but her two dogs would be coming for the whole day.

Apparently her partner is “still furious at her for getting pregnant so he’s all for revoking her invite.”

Other women were then quick to point out that it seemed strange to have dogs at your wedding day but be worried about a baby.

One user commented that uninviting the sister-in-law would cause arguments and “a massive rift in the family.”

Another woman said: “It sounds like you wanted all the attention of getting married and then having the first grandchild and she has taken the attention from you.”

While another Mumsnet user simply stated: “You are being unreasonable. And pretty self obsessed, precious, judgy and mean.”

After reading the many comments left under her post, the bride seemed to see the error in her original message.

In another long post she said she understood she needed “a reality check”.

She was worried her sister-in-law got pregnant because she needed "a purpose," and wanted her boyfriend to move in with her.

She added that her sister-in-law stopped taking the pill so she would become pregnant, with her and her husband-to-be concerned about how "difficult" the teen's life might be.

She ended by saying that although she found it hard not to judge her sister-in-law, she had decided not to revoke her invite and ask the baby not to come.

Recently, a mum caused outrage on Mumsnet after asking for tips on visiting sex clubs, while another user moaned about her noisy neighbours who kept having sex in their hot tub at 5am.

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Bride brigade

Designers are doing all they can to woo the modern Indian brideThe modern Indian bride is decisive in nature and wants to be in sync with the global trends. Keeping up with her requirements, designers all over are working on distinct ideas and are creating original designs for the bride. The following boutiques in the city serve testament to this. Each one of them offers bespoke bridal services, designs and collections with a trademark aesthetic while serving the bride and her entourage with the right mix of tradition, panache and exclusivity.

Images: cheap bridesmaid dresses melbourne

KavaniInfantry RoadKavani is a christian bridal wear label founded by Tan Kuruvilla. The designer from Kerala started designing bridal sarees when she couldn't find good wedding saris for her wedding. The label has now launched a store in Bangalore. Their latest collection 'Varna' offers a simplistic aesthetic that is devoid of heavy stonework and glittering attachments. She states, “My collection is fully handmade and the colour palette consists of traditional colours such as gold, white and off whites, but the designs are contemporary in nature.” The designs showcased seek inspiration from the traditional Christian bridal wear of Kerala and are modelled to appeal to brides who are looking for simple ensembles in ethnic colours.

FulkiKoramangalaFulki is a one stop shop for brides who are seeking a quick assemblage of their wedding wardrobe. The store consists of quintessential Indian bridal lehengas, saris, gowns, capes and dresses featuring intricate hand work in pure handlooms and fabrics such as silk, chanderi, georgette and crepes. The CEO of the label Rocky R elaborates further, "We customise at the same time we have a pret collection and a couture collection ready. If you don't have time and you want something to wear for tomorrow we got it ready today." The bridal store also offers occasion wear, menswear, jewellery and bags for the wedding.

Lustre StudioSaunders road

Lustre studio brings to fore the marriage of modern and contemporary silhouettes with traditional hand work and design patterns. The designer label founded by sisters Shaista Roshan and Subia Roshan offer bridal lehengas, jackets, corset saris, gowns and dresses. They feature rich work such as zardozi sequins, gold applique, bead and stone work on an unconventional colour palette such as pastels and blues. Shaista says, “We believe in making wedding outfits which can be worn by the bride later on as well and not just for the special occasion. Hence the designs include party wear pieces which can be reworked with the bridal outfit such as a jacket blouse over the wedding lehenga.”

Bride and beautifulColes RoadDesigner Kimi Wason of Bride and beautiful doesn't consider white as the ideal colour for a Christian wedding gown. She states, “The market is full of China gowns which are cheap and they are mostly bright white gowns that are really unflattering for the Indian complexion. Therefore, I work with off whites, ivory and champagne white."The designer uses a lot of lace, delicate embellishment work on fabrics such as polyesters, georgettes, satin and mikado fabric. The designer offers jewellery, tiaras, shoes along with dresses for the bridesmaids and the flower girl. The entire wedding can be coordinated with the bridal outfit too, as the designer has decorators, make-up artistes and hairdressers working with her.

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