pop-up wedding

If you haven't heard of pop-up weddings, you will.

Across the country, couples are ditching the idea of the traditional elaborate, expensive affairs and choosing to tie-the-knot with a less stressful, less expensive, less time-consuming ceremony.

Pop-up weddings are different than eloping or skipping off to get hitched in Las Vegas. They are small, intimate events taking place in unique locations supervised by a wedding coordinator for a fraction of the traditional cost of a wedding.

According to a study of 13,000 brides nationwide, The Knot.com found the average cost of a wedding ceremony and reception in 2016 was $13,329. Yikes!

"We hear from a lot of millennials who don't want to spend thousand of dollars and a year or more planning a wedding like their parents did," said Krista Embry, owner of Crown The Day, a pop-up wedding business right here in Louisville.

The couples interested in pop-up weddings aren't the type who care about photo booths, flash mob dances or matching bridesmaid dresses.

What they do want are a few special friends and family at their side, wearing whatever they want, and for the ceremony to take place in a special location.

Embry's scaled down, boutique style weddings are held at various locations throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana.

From the serene banks of the Ohio River to an edgier venue like The Baxter Avenue Morgue (Zombie makeup can be included) to outdoor music festivals, there's something to appeal to everyone.

Crown The Day offers wedding packages for $795. The price includes a unique venue, officiant, flowers, cake (or cupcakes), a livestream of the ceremony to Facebook, unity sand ceremony (couple combines two colors of sand into one vessel), a wedding coordinator, a celebration toast and photographs.

For $350, Embry offers a similar service (minus the celebration toast, flowers and cake) for couples who wish to renew their wedding vows.

By visiting the website, interested couples will find a list of the venues where ceremonies are offered and the day when the weddings or vow renews will take place there.

"Each wedding takes about 45 minutes and is conducted back to back to the next one, but this is not a mass wedding situation," Embry said. "The ceremony is individual and special - we take care of everything - so all a couple needs to do is show up with their marriage license."

Embry is currently booking ceremonies and plans to include more venues options, dates and services in the future.

In the meantime, to help spread the word and educate people on what a pop-up wedding is all about, Embry is offering free weddings and vow renewals this week at Abbey Road on The River, Thursday, May 25 to Monday May 29.

If you are ready to tie-the-knot or renew, simply show up at the Crown The Day booth in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

"It won't be hard to find us. We'll be the booth covered with flowers," Embry said.

Three couples have already signed up to renew their wedding vows but Embry said you can also walk up and get hitched this week.

Free ceremonies will also be available to members of the military on the Fourth of July and Veterans Day.

Another affordable option for those wishing to get hitched this spring is the Portland Wedding Weekend, June 10 and 11. The Portland community is hosting a weekend of affordable weddings at the newly-reopened church at 2718 Lytle St.

Celebrations will be conducted throughout the day and into the evening on Saturday and Sunday. Turn-key wedding packages start at $20 per guest and include the chapel, decorations, catered meal, soft drinks, wedding favors and cake.

If you are ready for a unique and personal way to say "I do" or "I do again" at a fraction of the cost of a traditional ceremony, a pop-up wedding or vow renewal may be the perfect solution to celebrate your union to the person you love.

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Pippa Middleton

It was the party of the year when the world's most famous bridesmaid, Pippa Middleton, finally became the bride. Middleton, who became famous for the figure-hugging dress she wore at the 2011 wedding of her sister, Princess Kate, to Prince William, tied the knot Saturday.

The wedding reception Saturday celebrating the marriage of Middleton, 33, and her husband, hedge fund millionaire James Matthews, was planned with military-like precision and executed under heavy security and secrecy.

PHOTO: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, left, stands with her daughter Princess Charlotte, bottom left, as they arrive for the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Marks Church in Englefield, May 20, 2017.

The reception venue, a glass-enclosed structure estimated to have cost more than $100,000 erected in the backyard of Carole and Michael Middleton's Bucklebury home, was draped with curtains to shield the prying eyes of the paparazzi and public.

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Inside the structure, which resembled a crystal palace, the estimated 350 guests partook in one of the most glamorous and high-profile events of the London social season.

Prior to the evening reception, an intimate circle of the couple's friends and family enjoyed a champagne brunch featuring langoustines, steak and chips, and foie gras. The brunch took place on the same Englefield Estate as St. Mark's Church, where Middleton, in a Giles Deacon gown, wed Matthews earlier Saturday in front of around 100 guests. The lavish wedding had an estimated price tag between $500,000 and $1 million.

Guests who received invitations for all three parts of Middleton's wedding day -- the church service, champagne brunch and reception -- were asked to bring a change of clothes. Middleton, who wrote a book titled "Celebrate" about party planning, wore a second gown for the black-tie evening reception at her parents' $8 million home.

The Middletons' mansion, dubbed "Bucklebury Manor," boasts seven bedrooms and sits on 18 acres of property with stunning gardens, fish ponds and a tennis court and pool. Before guests could enter the Bucklebury grounds, they reportedly had to pass through an extensive security check that included a special password matched with their passport.

The guest list for the reception was a who's who of society, including pro tennis stars Tim Herman and Roger Federer. Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew, also joined her cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry, for the day's activities.

Middleton's niece, Princess Charlotte, 2, and nephew, Prince George, 3, served in her bridal party, while Kate, 35, reportedly drew the illustration of St. Mark's Church that graced the wedding ceremony programs.

British tabloids reported one of the highlights of the night was a ping pong match that pitted Prince Harry and William against seven-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer.

Harry, 32, brought his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, 35, to the evening reception. Markle was missing from both the ceremony and the reception at Englefield House.

Markle and Harry, who began dating last year, were reportedly seated apart from each other at the sit-down dinner, following standard etiquette for high-profile events. At night, a spitfire display took place in the sky while a spectacular light show flashing slides of Middleton's and Matthews' love story was projected against the Middletons' home.

Middleton and Matthews were spotted early Monday morning at Los Angeles International Airport on the way to their honeymoon destination in the South Pacific.

The couple will reportedly visit the exclusive Brando resort on Tetiaroa island, just north of Tahiti. The eco-tourism hot spot, which caters to the world's most elite and has a price tag of $3,500 a night, recently hosted Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen.

The eco-resort boasts just 35 deluxe cottages on pristine white beaches and private plunge pools. The resort features cuisine designed by a Michelin star chef, and most important of all, privacy.

Marlon Brando was said to have fallen in love with the island while filming the 1962 action film "Mutiny on the Bounty" and purchased the entire Pacific atoll for the less than the price it now costs its exclusive clientele for a week's stay.

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What to Wear

LINDSAY MOUSOUDAKIS OF MUSE is no stranger to fielding wedding-related questions. In a decade of owning the River Oaks boutique, she’s helped brides, wedding parties, their moms and many, many guests pick out the right outfit for the occasion. Now that wedding season is upon us—not to mention bachelorette season, shower season, etc.—here’s her best advice.

It’s shoulder season

“Off the shoulder is so major right now,” says Mousoudakis. “It’s not too sexy and it’s showing such a pretty part of body.” One caveat: as a wedding guest, you probably want to dance and have fun—and that includes raising your arms (hello, bouquet toss) without being restricted by your outfit, so make sure any cold-shoulder dress gives your arms freedom of movement.

Another slightly more covered option? Mousoudakis is a fan of adding interest with a big, bold sleeve. “The bell sleeve for summer and even for fall has this drama, it’s so fun and festive,” she says.

Shutterstock 377837143 dtsjuj

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Pants, Please

“The trend right now is to mix it up with rompers,” says Mousoudakis. “Brides are trying to steer away from a dress because its all about dress on the wedding day. I’ve seen a lot of rompers for bachelorettes or even for the [bridal] shower or [rehearsal] dinner. We’ve got a jumpsuit by Trina Turk at Muse that’s really dressy. You think of rompers as casual and cotton, but they can be cocktail, too—Alexis also makes a great version. It’s something different you’re not going to see anyone else in.”

A Baywatch Bachelorette

“Now it’s all about getting that perfect squad photo because everything is on social media. If your bachelorette is in a beachy area, Baywatch is back and brides and bridesmaids are all wearing matching swimsuits. Of course tanks and T-shirts are fun, too, but the bathing suit is such a fun idea,” says Mousoudakis. While Baywatch may currently be trending, but we’ll credit Taylor Swift for launching this trend by wearing matching suits alongside Cara DeLevingne and Gigi Hadid at her Fourth of July bash in 2016.

Try a surprising shape

The Muse owner is a big fan of making her shoppers try on several things before they make any final judgements—because sometimes something that seems wrong is actually a great option. Case in point: the wedding miniskirt. “What I think is fun is the miniskirt—when you have a blousy top with it or flat sandals its really cute on so many people whether their legs are muscular or skinny. I like people to experiment. It’s the same with the off-the-shoulder look. I think people are so scared to show skin, especially older women, but my mom just bought an off-the-shoulder dress and it’s so flattering.”

Keep it colorful

“For a summer wedding I think prints are fun and festive,” says Mousoudakis. For upcoming fall weddings, she’s a big fan of merlot and forest green, which will be on-trend and very appropriate for the season. And for those not into brights, she has good news: black, once considered a questionable choice for weddings, is a popular option these days. “I see people in black in weddings all the time, even in summer, just because an LBD is always a go-to and black is the most flattering. Everybody’s got a great black dress.”

What not to wear: White (unless you’re the bride)

Yes, we all saw Pippa Middleton rock a white bridesmaid dress, but that doesn’t mean the color is now on the table for most wedding guests. “It’s really important that the guest doesn’t wear any shade of white so there’s no competition with the bride,” says Mousoudakis. So while the little white dress may be trending this summer, save it for non-wedding-related occasions.

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Beautiful Bridesmaid

Looks like Rachel Bilson is going for 27 Dresses -level status. The actress has just rocked ANOTHER bridesmaid dress at a friend’s nuptials this weekend, making Bilson the M.V.P. of bridesmaids this side of Hollywood.

It was barely two months ago since the Hart of Dixie star last took on bridesmaid duty, standing by her bride’s side in an impossibly chic gown featuring a pretty pink hue, a formal floor-length hemline, a romantic off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline, and a slim, fitted silhouette. Without an unflattering seam or frilly ruffle in sight, it was the dress bridesmaid dreams are made of. But this was far from Bilson’s first foray into bridal party territory.

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In June of last year, Bilson was a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding, donning a blue lace sheath from Self-Portrait at the rehearsal dinner and then later stunning in a pale pink chiffon bridesmaid dress at the ceremony. “Always a bridesmaid,” the actress captioned a photo of herself getting ready for the big day with her fellow ‘maids. Girl, you’ve got a few more bridal parties ahead of you!

This weekend was the O.C. alum's latest wedding where she stylishly served as bridesmaid. Bilson first took a car selfie of her and pal en route to the venue. “Let’s get this wedding started!” she captioned the snap. But it was her added hashtags that had us LOL’ing. “#alwaysabridesmaid #28dresses #gonnamakethesequel,” Bilson wrote. Too funny! Also, who would love to see a 27 Dresses sequel starring Rachel Bilson? Let’s see those raised hands! After all the nuptials she’s been a part of, it could even be a reality show, TBH…

Bilson also later shared a snap from the wedding, featuring the (huge!) bridal party in its entirety. This chill AF bride apparently let her ‘maids mix and match their frocks, as each girl is rocking a flowy, floral dress in various colors and prints for a pretty, boho effect. Cool, right?

Care to be our MOH, Bilson? Clearly, you’ve had a TON of practice.

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Margot Robbie

Welcome Margot Robbie to the "celebrity bridesmaids" squad, which includes both Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence.

Robbie, presumably still riding high from her own low-key nuptials at the end of last year, recently served as a bridesmaid. The Wolf of Wall Street star posted a picture on Instagram late Thursday night that shows her standing among a wedding party on the steps of a chapel. Although Robbie didn't identify who the bride and groom are, she captioned the pretty photo, "Going to the chapel... J❤️N."

In the picture, Robbie, 26, stands next to the bride in front of a green chapel flanked by palm trees, which the Daily Mail identified as Wai'oli Hui'ia Church in Hanalei, Hawaii. Robbie and the one other bridesmaid wear midi-length ivory slipdresses and carry simple greenery.

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This bridesmaid gig comes just five months after Robbie's own supersecret wedding last December. Although Robbie and her husband, film director Tom Ackerley, have stayed mum on the details of the big day, the Daily Mail reported at the time that Robbie's sister served as her maid of honor and her mother gave her away at the Byron Bay, Australia, ceremony. A source also told Woman's Day that all guests were sworn to secrecy and that the pair "decided to marry around Christmas so they could spend time with both their families afterwards, which they've never done before."

Robbie confirmed her marriage shortly after with an Instagram post in which she and Ackerley share a smooch while Robbie flips off the camera with her newly blinged-out ring finger. The couple first met in 2013 while on set of war drama Suite Française; Ackerley happened to be the film's assistant director when he caught eye of the blonde beauty. They began dating shortly after wrapping up on-set, and even launched their own film company, Lucky Chap Entertainment.

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Summer wedding

It used to be that dress codes for a summer’s worth of weddings were pretty much interchangeable. Perhaps that one was a bit smarter and called for a new hat, another more intimate or bohemian. Generally, though, a nice frock would do.

But just as weddings have become 3D Pinterest boards of one-of-a-kind one-upmanship, so dressing for wedding guests has become a quagmire of misread signals and misguided purchases (I’m looking at you, pashminas). With the affianced planning their I-dos everywhere from remote Greek mountain villages to enter-through-the-wardrobe speakeasies, it’s hard to know what the part is, let alone look it.

Jessica Raine wears a floral dress to the Harpers Bazaar anniversary party last week. 

Credit: bridesmaids dresses

If you’re hoping for a set of rules to follow here, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. “The ‘never wear white to a wedding’ mantra no longer applies,” says Ellie Pithers, fashion features editor at Vogue. “Obviously, one should steer clear of long white lacy dresses that could cause confusion as you file into church, but a white or cream shift dress is perfectly acceptable. “Hats are now specified on the invitation, and are usually encouraged rather than enforced. Fascinators look cheap – always.”

If the ground feels as though it’s been pulled from beneath your feet, fear not: fashion giveth and it taketh away. The wedding dress code as you knew it might be out of date, but these days, there are many more options than a nice frock to be had: it’s just a case of knowing what to wear, and when.

The City Ceremony

As a general rule of thumb, city wedding dress codes are a bit more tailored, and a bit less flamboyant – imagine yourself on the bus home and suddenly that silk prom skirt is a lot less appealing. Given that jumpsuits will now be allowed in Ascot’s royal enclosure, I’d say that makes them wedding appropriate, too, provided they bear no resemblance to a Ghostbusting boiler suit. Look for a wide-leg, cropped style – the A-line shape is more elegant than a fitted silhouette. Martha Ward’s is £395 from Shrimps, and comes in navy, or try Paper London’s Pepto-Bismol pink if you’re feeling brave.

The temptation with a hot destination wedding is to wear one of those heavily embroidered folk dresses that were so popular last summer. The danger is that most likely everyone else will do the same, and you’ll look like a matrioshka dolls cosplay group.

Wearing ruffles is still entering very much into the spirit of things, but in less of a bringing- my-goods-to-market kind of way, which you’ll thank yourself for when you see the wedding photos. JCrew Collection’s ruffled blue skirt will work with a simple white blouse, but Marks & Spencer’s khaki wrap dress is so good that, really, no other ruffles need apply. Stick to shades of tan, brown and gold for accessories.

And shoes? Suede mules will work in a Tuscan vineyard but not on a Caribbean beach, where it’s safer to opt for ancient-Greek sandals.

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Losing Weight For Wedding

As a young girl, I had a dream I would meet my soulmate, fall madly in love, and strut down the aisle in a pretty dress, surrounded by all my favourite people.

Do you know what I didn’t dream about, all those years ago?

I didn’t dream I’d be standing in the middle of a bridal shop, about to order The Dress, when I heard the words:

“So, how much weight are you planning to lose before the wedding?”

How much what, now?

Images: bridesmaid dresses

In that split second, I began to second guess myself. The years I’d spent healing my relationship with food started to unravel.

How much weight am I going to lose?

Do I need to lose weight?

Is she saying I look fat?

Maybe this isn’t the right dress.

I really wish I didn’t eat that sandwich for lunch.

I should have had the salad.

I composed myself, and turned to face the shop assistant, “I don’t intend to lose any weight before the wedding, but I’m not sure what size I’ll need. Do you have a tape measure?”

Despite her poor choice of words, I don’t hold this exchange against the shop assistant. If online forums, wedding magazines and my friends are to be believed, the pre-wedding weightloss regime is at the top of the to do list for many brides.

But it’s not for me. Here’s why:

For years, I battled to shrink my body. I counted calories, calculated points, and saved my syns for a weekend binge. I ditched bread, cut out sugar, and avoided nights out with my friends. I threw up when I’d eaten too much. I lost weight, but I was miserable. It didn’t matter how much the number on the scales dropped, I was never happy.

Controlling my food had become more than a bid to get healthy and feel happier in my own skin. It was now a coping mechanism for everything else that was going wrong in my life - and it was far from healthy. But I was good at it.

Then one day, something changed.

I fell in love with someone who asked difficult questions, and listened as I muddled through the answers. From day one, he got me to open up about things I’d never spoken about before - and I started to open up to the possibility life could be different.

I wondered, if he could love me as I was, despite my flaws, why couldn’t I?

Something in my mind shifted. I decided, not only was I worthy of his love, but I was worthy of my own love, too.

It took me a long time to change the destructive food habits I’d created over the years, but self-love won in the end. I’m in a much better place now. I eat food that nourishes my body, but I’m not afraid to indulge in a little soul food when I fancy. I try to take care of my body, because it’s the only one I’ve got, but I enjoy life too. That’s what it’s all about, right?

It’s easy to get sucked into the glossy pages of wedding magazines, or the endless Pinterest boards. But the truth is, my wedding doesn’t have to be Insta-Perfect or Pinterest-Worthy - and neither do I.

Ditching the idea of perfection has been a big part of my step towards more self-love - and it’s something I’m still working on today.

So no, I haven’t tried to lose weight for my wedding.

When I walk down that aisle next weekend, I get to marry my best friend, and that’s pretty awesome. My husband-to-be isn’t going to be worrying if I’m carrying a few extra pounds, or thinking about the cupcake I ate three weeks ago.

Our guests won’t be, either. Have you ever been to a wedding, and scrutinised the bride’s weight? I’m guessing not. But, if you have, I think it says more about your own insecurities than it does about the bride.

For me, a wedding isn’t about perfectly coordinated colour schemes, elaborate menus, or shrinking yourself into a dress.

It’s a celebration of love. And that’s what I’ll be focusing on - not the number on the scales.

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The Venice Beach Freakshow brought small-tent thrills to the boardwalk one last time on Sunday, tying up its 11-year run with a protest, a party and even a wedding ceremony for Jessa the Bearded Lady.

As first detailed in last week’s issue of The Argonaut, Freakshow owner Todd Ray claims his iconic boardwalk attraction is being pushed out by the building’s new owners refusing to renew his lease — all the while more recent tenants, workers for tech giant Snapchat, remain in offices overhead.

In the ensuing media frenzy, community reaction has taken up this skirmish over a retail storefront as the latest front in a philosophical battle for the soul of Venice.

On the ground, a dazzling young sword swallower (Ray’s daughter, Asia), the mirthful Bearded Lady and various oversized fish hooks and electric drills laced through the skull of a performer named Morgue kept onlookers rapt and breathless.

Sign holders and activists, Sunday beachgoers, freaks and fans of all stripes mingled in a crowd of about 100 or more at any given time. Even the police, parked several yards down toward the water, appeared to be having fun.

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Ray roared into the microphone, over a surprisingly good deejay.

“We got the dirty kids here, the traveling kids, the locals, ladies and the fellas,” he said. “We are all freaks on planet Earth.”

Referring to Snapchat’s much-documented and increasingly polarizing expansion, Ray broke it down: “Do you wanna walk on their corporate campus, or do you want Venice Beach? Do you want Snapchat, or do you want the Freakshow?!”

Snap Inc. has told the press, minimally, that it merely leases space at 909 Ocean Front Walk. The company has no relation to building owner Snapshot LLC, according to a company statement, and does not have any existing rights to lease the ground-floor space that until now housed the Freakshow.

That information has done little to quell rising anger in the community, however.

“If you don’t speak up the billionaire bullies will come in and take over. The Venice Beach Freakshow is still alive today. … We’re gonna keep it alive, with your support,” Ray said, adding that it was Sunday morning, after all, and passed around an offering basket.

Ryan Faber, a graphic artist and web developer, said he’s seeing the kind of gentrification that changed San Francisco happen in his native Los Angeles.

“I moved back to L.A. [from San Francisco] to afford to live here, and the price has gone up so astronomically. … The place we live is totally getting subjugated — like, what, this is going to be a cafeteria for Snapchat?” said Faber, 40. “Obviously Snapshot LLC is not Snapchat, but to deny there’s a connection between them allowing Snapchat properties to stay but the long-term residents have to go?”

Pointing to his young son, he added, “We want to teach him to stand up for the little guy. It’s such a metaphor — the little guy, the misunderstood — those are the people who can’t live in Venice anymore.”

Venice resident Mark Rago, 44, manned a booth for community activist groups Venice Dogs and the Alliance for the Preservation of Venice, which helped organize protests during Snapchat’s initial public offering in March.

Showing passersby a map of Snapchat-leased properties all around Venice, Rago hopes to catch the attention of the California Coastal Commission and

L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin to “have them put a stop to it,” he said. “Otherwise, all the money that comes into Venice Beach will be gone because there won’t be tourists anymore; it will all be private offices.”

Sheryl Lorenzo, 62, strolled the boardwalk in a Venice Beach Freakshow T-shirt.

“I think the bigger picture is bad,” she said. “Venice Beach will lose its uniqueness. People will stop coming. It will be more like Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive.”

Alicia Weaver, 28, said she would often bring guests from out of town to the Freakshow.

“It’s part of the experience. The presenter is a part of what I hear every time I’m here,” she said.

Comic book writer Joshua Dysart, 45, watched the show with a mix of excitement and defiance.

“I’ve lived in Venice Beach for 16 years, and watching what Snapchat is doing — buying and leasing so much property, pushing local businesses out — has been upsetting,” he said. “But the elimination of the Venice Beach Freakshow is the removal of our spiritual center. The idea that we are inclusive, that everybody is beautiful — that’s a Venice idea. It has been for decades. So this is a metaphorical death of Venice; it’s a funeral.”

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