Who Match Their Clothes

The other day, en route to a date at Christie’s Auction House, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez stepped out in looks that lightly matched. Both were dressed in a kind of assassin's uniform — long coats and sunglasses — looking different enough but also in sync. The pairing felt totally unlike the cringeworthy matchy-matchy images of, say, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in head-to-toe eveningwear denim at the 2001 American Music Awards. Or megastars Victoria and David Beckham in 1999 who took a more-is-more approach to matching when they celebrated their wedding reception by both donning the same striking hue of purple. Instead, Lopez and Rodriguez appeared as if their personal styles had gently rubbed off on each other, with only chic results.

Couples who subtly match have historically evoked an effortlessly cool attitude. Take Gwyneth Paltrow: In the late ‘90, she had a yin-yang aesthetic with then-fiancé Brad Pitt. Both of them favored leather blazers and slacker sweaters. (An ultimate testament to their allegiance to each other came with the debut of the same double-take, chin-length, blond hairdos at a movie premiere back in 1997.) Later on, in the 2000s, she dated Ben Affleck. One stellar airport photo shows Paltrow arm-in-arm with a hulking, goatee-sporting Affleck — both are wearing gray and black and casting long and linear silhouettes.

Other famous low-key twinners include Winona Ryder and her former fiancé Johnny Depp. In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the two had a collection of tailored blazers that they louchely styled with tee shirts and a bevy of sleeveless tanks. After Ryder and Depp had split, he began dating model Kate Moss. Paparazzi-snapped photos show Depp and Moss sporting worn-in vintage leather jackets or in chunky sweaters.

Is matching such a bizarre phenomenon among those in love? Not necessarily. My mother often says that people are attracted to partners who resemble themselves. (The first time she met my former boyfriend, she looked him up and down and said, “You two look like brother and sister.” That day, I was wearing his leather jacket.) My mother’s theory isn’t totally unfounded: Scientifically, people are attracted to mirrors of themselves.. Freakily enough, this is also true with dogs—yes, there is the idea that people choose dogs that resemble themselves.

But significant others and their mimicking outfits may be a result not of science but of sharing a wardrobe. Vogue Culture Editor Alessandra Codinha weighs in on this point. “My boyfriend and I share, I think, a similar affinity for the classics: good blue jeans, cashmere sweaters in neutral tones, good t-shirts,” she writes. “I think that if we had never met, he wouldn't be dressing drastically differently (nor would I), but I do think we have probably 'rubbed off' on each other. We spend a lot of time together and are exposed to the same things.”

Vogue’s Fashion News and Emerging Platforms Editor Steff Yotka had an almost telepathic sharing experience recently when she showed up at a concert with her boyfriend to discover they were both wearing striped shirts. This kind of thing is not that unusual. “It happens about three times a week,” she says. There is, of course, a confounding factor in Yotka's case. “I buy most of his clothes.”

On the runway, lookalike wardrobes between couples have been a thing for awhile. While Undercover and Thom Browne have gone the literal doppelgänger route, which can be a bit freaky IRL, Opening Ceremony’s Spring 2018 lookbookshowed couples wearing looks that could have been charmingly plucked from the same closet. Meanwhile, Balenciaga's Spring 2018 Mens show took things a step further, presenting families all in similar styles.

As for those who put it into action? In South Korea, couples actually attend fashion week dressed up to complement one another. Maybe they're on to something. At the end of the day, an easy, breezy, and not-super-contrived matching outfit can be a way to say "we're together." And that's never a bad look.Read more at:vintage style wedding dresses | www.sheindressau.com


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Wedding Dresses Collection

Indian weddings are well-known for their traditional values and opulence. Mirraw has now come up with their amazing wedding collection that includes the complete range of wedding dresses, wedding jewelry and wedding gifts, all under one roof and available at cost-saving prices with a best discount offers

According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have stocked up an extensive range of wedding dresses and jewelry for the upcoming wedding season. “There is no need to wander from one store to another in search of your best wedding dresses. We have everything for you and you can grab them at the click of your mouse,” he states. Mirraw brings a large variety of wedding sarees. One can choose from a wide range of attractively designed, multi-color and embroidered saree collection that have been designed meticulously, just for a bride to wear on her wedding day.

Besides, a woman can select from different types of cotton sarees, suitable for wearing on a range of occasions, from a daily wear to a stylish party wear. The cotton fabric brings comfort, softness, style and also flexibility. The online store has a large cotton saree range, including different varieties with a number of color and design choices. One can choose a printed cotton saree, a plain cotton saree, a multi-color cotton saree, or a woven cotton saree. Each saree has been painstakingly designed to offer a lavish and delicate style for every woman who wears them.

Modern women, especially working women, prefer wearing chiffon sarees for their different style options and an easy way of wearing. Mirraw offers a number of choices for every woman to pick her the best chiffon saree available in a variety of colors and prints. They also have embroidered sarees of chiffon that can enable a woman to look extra stylish and attractive.

The online store has stocked up an incredible selection of wedding salwar suits for any girl and woman to become a show-stopper at a wedding event. With lively color combinations and heavy embroidery work, these suits can turn a woman into a real fashion icon. One can explore their various salwar suit styles to pick the right dress that can match her personal fashion choices.

In many Indian weddings, brides prefer wearing lehengas and Mirraw now brings a stunning range of beautiful and delicately designed bridal lehenga collection for a bride to look and feel very special on her wedding. All these lehengas feature a heavy embroidery work that adds to the beauty and elegance of the marrying girl. They also have some unusual color choices in the collection, such as orange color lehengas, dark maroon color lehengas and purple color lehengas that can allow a bride to don a unique look and win everyone’s appreciation.

The spokesperson of Mirraw reveals that besides traditional and ethnic dresses, they also have an impressive range of western dresses. Customers can check different dresses and apparels, such as tunics, tops, jeans, evening dresses, party wear gowns, pants, skirts and lots more. “We care for all types of customers and respect their diversity and the sense of dressing. You can choose from a perfect western wear from our collection at the best prices,” the spokesperson states.

About Mirraw

With over 1 lac listed products, 3 million and counting customers worldwide, Mirraw has the mission to bring the world's best ethnic designs to the customer’s doorstep. Based out of Fort Mumbai, it brings handpicked designs in ethnic jewelry, apparels, accessories, sarees and more. Founded by Shailesh Jain and Anup Nair in 2011, Mirraw offers products that can transform the look of customers. With a great fan following in India, US & Europe, Mirraw is extremely focused on ethnic wear and wants to dominate this space in the coming few years.Read more at:Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses | White Bridesmaid Dresses


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Southern Designer Showcase

Mia Carreras’ faith in her design contest entry was so strong that she made plans to go accept the prize months before getting word about her status.

“When I hit the submit button, I said, ‘Let me book this hotel and square this away,’ ” Carreras, a Virginia Beach native now living in Atlanta, said by phone.

She was confident she would be a finalist in Belk’s fifth annual Southern Designer Showcase and attend the event at the department store’s headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. That was in January. Come June, she got confirmation that her dream would be a reality. She was one of five winners out of dozens of applicants. Her Gigi Carreras brand, named after her 10-year-old daughter, will be sold in select Belk stores (including one in Atlanta) beginning in March 2018. It won’t be available at the Suffolk location, the only Belk in Hampton Roads, but the collection will be sold online.

The win comes with a cash prize and inclusion in a boot camp this fall that includes help with fine-tuning the collection; public relations and media training; and instruction on fabric selection, manufacturing and forming relationships with buyers. This type of assistance and exposure is a priceless leg up in the fashion industry. Any emerging or mass market designer can attest to the frustrations of the business side. Most budding designers are unable to get their collections into major department stores, primarily because of the high cost of production and insufficient market knowledge.

But for Carreras, developing a business model has not been what has tripped her up, she said. The training has most helped her in understanding fabric and manufacturing.

“I used to design something, then get the fabric. Now I’m learning about wearability, durability, washability,” Carreras said. “It’s not just what’s appealing to the eye; it’s also marketablilty.”

And she’s now fortunate to have secured a manufacturer just 20 minutes from her home. Plus, there’s the new experience of creating codes for tracking merchandise.

“This is a whole different world for me,” Carreras said.

Carreras took fashion merchandising classes at Kellam High School, and graduated in 1999. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and landed her first job with Sean Jean, the brand founded by media mogul Sean Combs. Her next job was with Akademiks, an urban contemporary brand known for its celebrity following and founded by fellow Kellam alums Donwan and Emmett Harrell.

But the New York life was “a little too much” for Carreras.

“I’m a country girl,” she said. When the opportunity arose, she moved back south and has been in Atlanta 10 years styling her own clients.

She describes the Gigi Carreras brand as having broad age appeal – a mother and daughter sharing a closet would feel comfortable interchanging her pieces, she said. Andy Izquierdo, the chain’s vice president of communications and community relations, said Carreras’ design aesthetic fits Belk’s signature of “Modern. Southern. Style.”

“Mia’s collection distinguishes itself by offering options to satisfy the taste of every woman, whether you are a mother, student or professional” he said in an email interview. “The Southern Designer Showcase allows us to help aspiring individuals accomplish their dreams, while also giving us access to the latest and greatest in southern fashion.”

On hand to help Carreras celebrate this realization will be her family from Hampton Roads, including parents Edward and Gloria Ridley. She said they all are taking a bus to Atlanta for the spring debut in the store there, and she couldn’t be more elated.

Said Carreras: “This is that moment. … You wait for that.”

Speaking of designers from Hampton Roads …

Kenya Freeman, who grew up in Chesapeake and also now lives in Atlanta, survived a near-elimination during last week’s episode of “Project Runway.” Judges were torn over the cohesiveness of her bold plaid coat paired with a streamlined blouse and classic high-waist pants. (Side note: The coat was fierce! I want it.) But they gave Freeman a pass, and she is among the final five, although only three designers will move on to present their collections at New York Fashion Week. Tune in at 9 tonight on Lifetime to see how that went this past September.Read more at:tea length wedding dresses | casual wedding dresses


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4 home remedies for winter

Winter is a pleasant time of the year for many of us. Unfortunately, the temperature dip can bring with it some major health woes that be difficult to deal with it. These include skin care problems like dry skin, flaky scalp, rough lips and cracked feet. Winter skin care, therefore, becomes especially important. You need to pamper your skin with moisturising creams, masks and treatments to restore the moisture that your skin loses during this time of the year. You’re not alone in your struggle. Winter skin care is tricky for everyone to handle. These super useful skin care tips by Shahnaz Husain will help your skin deal with winter better.

• Honey applied on the face daily for ten minutes and then washed off with water helps to relieve dryness and keep the skin soft. For dry skin, add an egg yolk or one teaspoon pure almond oil. For oily skin, add egg white and a little lemon juice.

• Take one peeled and cored apple and puree it in a blender. Add one tablespoon honey. Apply this on the face like a mask and keep it on for 15 minutes. Then, rinse off with cool water. This is a powerful skin toner for all skin types.

• Aloe vera is one of the richest natural moisturizers. Apply aloe vera gel daily on the face and wash off with plain water after 20 minutes. If you have aloe vera plants growing at home, apply the gel or juice directly on the skin. The gel obtained from the plant itself is the leaf pulp, found in the inner portion of the leaves. The aloe juice is found just beneath the outer skin of the leaves. However, while using it directly on the skin at home, one should wash the plant well. Try these DIY ubtan face scrubs.

• Mix half a teaspoon honey, one teaspoon rose water and one teaspoon dried milk powder. Mix into a paste and apply on the face. Wash after 20 minutes with water.Read more at:SheinDressAU | wedding dresses melbourne


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